Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 24th

Sa akong barkada kag pamilya,
Alright, the first week of my last transfer in the Philippines has come to a close, it was a super fast week. I hope the other weeks will be just like that and then this will be the best transfer ever. It was super fast. Honestly I can't believe I'm sitting here at the computer again. We're in a different computer shop right now so there's tons of kid looking at my screen and trying to read the English that I'm typing. I'm just laughing at them because they can't understand a single thing I'm typing. They just like looking at other people's screens. The place we're at is a lot cheaper than the other one, no air con either, so I'm drenching in sweat right now. There's a rotating fan, but... it's rotating, so I only feel it every couple of seconds. haha. It's all good though, I'm not complaining. It's nice here! I'll for sure miss it. The ward is doing pretty well so far. The activities are keeping the recent converts active and getting them the friends that they need in the church. We've got baptisms for the next 2 weeks lined up pretty well. On the 6th we'll baptize a family. The first family I've baptized in my mission, with kids. I've done the couple thing, but we'll baptize one of their kids with them. They love the church and have completely fell in love with the doctrine. I love it! It's just proof that God really does love us missionaries and he's preparing people. People just show up to church, I mean, it doesn't get more golden than that right?
The computer I'm sitting at right now is like Windows 98, I swear, so I can't upload pictures for some reason. Which is terrible, because I took pictures of my house for mom to send to you today, so hopefully I find a different way to send them. Sorry mommy ;(
So there are recent converts in this ward, twins actually. Their mom and dad aren't members and they have a step sister who isn't a member either. However, we've been teaching the mom and the step sister. They both have different schedules, so we teach them at different times. The sister is doing really well, she read some of our pamphlets and then said that she really wanted to go to church because she really likes the things we teach. The mom talked to us for about 1 1/2 hours on Saturday night. It was so cool. She started saying how she didn't want to talk to the other missionaries because she thought they were plastic and didn't really care about what they taught and stuff, I don't know, I know the missionaries that have come through here and they're really good, maybe she just had a change of thought. She talked about how hard our life must be a stuff and she's like, "I've never heard you guys complain once". Then she said, "I believe you". haha. WHAT! Just like that, she pretty much just taught herself! Cool huh? She still didn't come to church, she's super busy every morning, but we'll get her to go sometime. The step sister, didn't come either because she has school on Sunday mornings. Yeah... talk about something super funny. A church that believes in the Sabbath Day has schools that make you do things on the Sabbath Day and then just say, well just pray at your house or something. hahaha! Love it!
Update on the Narciso Family. Doing great! They'll be interviewed on Saturday by President, so far I see no reason why they shouldn't pass and then they should be baptized next Saturday, the 6th. They're just super prepared people! I'm just one happy missionary when I teach them. I just wish all could be like them. The mom is so good at the bible and asked me yesterday, Elder Ellis, how come the catholic church does exactly the opposite of the things that is in the Bible. I just laughed and said... because they don't have the restoration. We have the restoration and fullness or truth. The Dad is super quiet, but still really good. They read and reread the assignments that we give them! Our tithing lesson with them yesterday was awesome. The mom said, this completely makes more sense than any other church, I wish I would've known this sooner. haha. Good timing I guess huh?
BomBom, another investigators will be baptized this upcoming Saturday! He's been doing well and we talked to his mom yesterday. He's 15 years old and his family is just a bad situation. His 3 older brothers have just gotten into some bad stuff and their in prison and now he's just like, well that's stupid. He works with his dad to provide for their family just a good kid. We talked to the mom yesterday and she said, you bet he can be baptized, if that's what the wants, we'll let him do it. You'd be shocked to see how many parents here just let their kids do whatever they desire. Things that you don't see back home. I don't think if a different religion was teaching my kid and he was 15 I'd let him be baptized. You know? But it's just different culture here. Kids do what they want... thus when they grow up they don't change that much. It's just funny.
Well, not like I'm counting, but I'm excited for y'all to come here in 30 days. haha ;) I love you so much! I miss you more than anything! And it's going to be a great adventure with you here!
Thanks for all the prayers and support! Love you guys!
Elder Ellis

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