Monday, August 18, 2014

8.18.14 Farewells + Golden Contacts = Bittersweet Memories

Alright everybody.
The wall we helped build last week.

Saying good-bye to Elder Reynolds

Saying "See ya at home" to Elder Garner!

youth are amazing!

Today just started the first day of my last transfer on my mission. Everybody let's give a round of applause! BOOM PANIS! ;) that's just a Filipino thing, I don't think you'd get it. Oh well. This week has been good. I've taught more lessons this week than I have any other week my entire mission so things are looking up. We've been working close with our recent converts and they've given us some pretty solid referrals and 3 out of the 4 referrals that we received came to church yesterday. Speaking of church, we also had 13 investigators at church yesterday. Mission record for me. I know other missionaries and areas get higher than that, but 13 for me, I'll take that. We're trying to maintain it though, that's going to be the hard part. There was a lot of first timers that came and I really hope that they liked church. It was a good sacrament meeting too. One of the topics was on the Sabbath Day and it was pretty straight forward, I really liked it. An RM gave the talk, he's also the Elder Quorum President. There were 3 investigators that were there that we've been working with and they've been former investigators as well for years actually. They've finally come to church! WHOOO!!! We have an appointment later tonight with them. They have 1 member in the family, one of the kids who's 18 I think. I asked him after church what they thought and he said that they have a lot of questions, but they liked it overall I think. So things are looking good with them.
The Narciso Family is doing amazing and still progressing. They'll be interviewed by President Lopez on August 30 because of the Cohabitation thing, but they'll for sure pass I'm pretty sure. Then they'll be baptized on the 6th of September. The mom is just super solid. She's just like, I feel like this church is where i belong and it's my home and stuff like that, things that I've never heard anyone say before in my life on my mission. I guess I will finally have a chance to baptize someone golden. All my baptisms have been super hard to get and things like that or children, but I prayed to baptize a family before I go home, looks like the Lord works in crazy ways. Testimony builder for sure!
BomBom, our other investigator was progressing well enough and we've moved his date to the 30th of August so he'll be interviewed next Sunday and then we'll baptize him the following Saturday! ;) Things are looking up and all is going well right now in our area. Sacrament attendance was booming yesterday. The Bishop had to quiet everyone down. I felt bad, but still, it's nice to calm people down because there's a lot in the sacrament hall. 

I don't have much to report. I keep getting reminded that I only have 38 days left till you guys show up here! We're working hard and getting a lot of stuff done. Still loving being a missionary, but I'm really tired. Still, I will push to the finish line. I don't have time for games. Love you guys back home! Y'all take care okay? ;)

Halong kamo pirme!
Elder Ellis

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