Monday, August 4, 2014

8.4.14 Baptisms + Birthday = Busy but GREAT Week!

Dear Friends and Family,
Well, I'd like to thank y'all for the birthday wishes. I had an interesting birthday. Since I was transferred this week, I just kinda kept my birthday a secret. I didn't want to do anything for it. But there's this magical thing called facebook that the members use any time I guess there's a new missionary and they found out right away. So, my birthday was good. We had a baptism this week, 3 people. The other small girl is a child of record that was just put on the same day as the baptism of the converts. I'm with Elder Urgelles again, my companion from San Enrique. Everyone in Kabankalan was super bummed out that I was getting transferred. I'll really miss Sister Lucerna, the Cornelio Family, and the Lumacad's, and Bro. Whenie. It was a really good area! The members were fantastic! I like my new area though, things are well and it's really nice. TONS of people and tons of work to be done. There's a companionship of Sisters here too. So there's 4 of us in the ward. It's nice. One of them goes home next week, so we'll have a new Sister in our ward next week. Work is going well. 

I don't have much time. We had to pay our water bill earlier and that took 2 1/2 hours to do. There was just tons of people. I hate Bacolod for that reason. haha. Everything is in my area. I've got all the malls, shopping centers, 7/11's, Ice Cream shoppes, everything. It's great! Let's pray I don't get super fat. haha. Just kidding.  Alright, I'll share some short stories though really quick:
Two weeks ago I guess there was a family that came to church. Not by being invited by the missionaries, but a member just invited them. They showed up. The missionaries didn't know that they weren't members so they didn't really talk to them much then this week they showed up AGAIN! So this week we talked to them, found out where they lived and everything. Family of 4 we're talking about here. Last night we went over to their house and taught them the Restoration and the Dad was hooked right from the start! We invited them for baptism on September 6 and gave them a Book of Mormon and they were just interested right from the start! I'm stoked right now!
Last night we were in a different lesson and one of the investigators that we were teaching at the end of the lesson asks if she can ask a question. We were like, go! Her question is this, "Why did one of the women of the church get excommunicated? I saw it on" I can't believe I've now got to explain to investigators about how women want the Priesthood and they started a group and went against the church and why she was excommunicated. Never in my whole mission did I think I would have to explain that. Guess it's world wide now... who would've guessed. 
Young Women in this ward are AMAZING!

Things are going well and we're doing great! Work is going fantastic, I'm not trunky ;) BOOM! I won't let myself get trunky!
I love you guys! Have a great week!

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