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9.8.14 Baptism + Apartment Pics = 2 Weeks left

 Dear Friends and Family,
Bacolod Apartment Study Area

Bottom bunk is mine.  Don't worry, Mom!  My bed is made now.

Our kitchen

Laundry Area

Outside view

Sorry for the little email today. I'll try and do as much as a I can. We don't have much time. We're doing some shopping a little bit today again. I did some successful shopping last week ;) I got some gifts to bring home for the family, so no worries. It's hard not thinking about the day that y'all are going to arrive here. I only have this P day and then 2 more. Crazy stuff. Today we're going bowling after we eat and do some shopping. Should be a good day. I'm looking forward to it. 

This week was amazing. We had a great baptism. The Narciso Family was baptized this past Saturday! I know I've been talking about them for the past few weeks now and how they've been progressing, but they've finally made it to the waters of baptism and now are members of the church. I asked the mom how she felt yesterday and she said that she feels so good and she's super happy of their decision. At the baptism they both gave great testimonies! The mom just shared about her experiences and then said that she knows that the church is true! Cool huh? ;) Made my week. I baptized the family and after it, I just stood on the stairs next the font for about 5 minutes and was just thinking about how happy I am. No matter the hardships here, just small moments make them all go away. I'm super glad that we found them, well, more like they found us. Still, it's all about the life changing that matters. I think I mentioned about that last week. It's amazing to see and it gets me every time. 

The Narciso Family before baptism


This week was my last zone training meeting and at the end they gave time to all the departing missionaries to speak just for a bit and say their "last words" I suppose. As if we're dying. Which we sort of are. I didn't have much to say, but I just told everybody that it's all about the love and the people that matter. Don't get caught up in the numbers game that a lot of the missionaries get caught up in. It's all about the love and time that you're giving to these people that matter the most. That's all I said. I know I haven't been super "good" as a missionary and being perfect or found tons of people to baptize or fulfilled the weekly baptism thing, but I know that I've made a difference for the people that I've been able to teach and for their lives. I didn't come out for numbers, I came out for people. I love it so much and I'm really going to miss it. It's really mixed feelings. I guess that's what happens when the mission is starting to come to a close. It's still going well! We won't have another baptism though till the 27th and y'all will be here to witness it ;) His name is Danilo Pahalongo. He's 13, but he's as tall and bigger than Elder Urgelles. He's super prepared and is a referral from a recent convert. Super cool kid. 

San Enrique zone repeated

Sister Turtal and Sister Uata

Not many cool stories from this week. We met a women who is called a "free-thinker". I guess they believe in God, but it's an excuse to just do whatever you want in all reality. Because you save yourself. They believe Jesus Christ to be a prophet only, at least what this old women was telling us. It's going to be a weird judgement day for her though. 

Investigators first time at church

Young Women's group

Nobleza family

On Saturday morning we get a knock on our gate. Elder Matamata and I go outside and it's the Jehovah's witness missionaries. haha. Two sisters. We were just getting done doing our workout and so we weren't wearing our missionary attire, just shorts and t shirts. They asked our names and I said, Elder Ellis. The women then looks at the girl next to her and was like... "Ah... gali, mormons kamo?" Then we said, yes, we're the missionaries. Then they started to get scared and it was super funny, but we just talked to them for like 3 minutes. They wanted to give us a watch tower and we accepted it with open arms and read it. It was pretty pointless. The topic of the month is "Will the people on the earth destroy it beyond repair?" I don't know what that has to do with the gospel. I guess their church has gone green or something. I thought it was going to be on a better topic. Oh well. They were nice though. Then I saw them on Sunday again eating outside at a eatery. Funny experience though. 

All in all the weeks been good. We've been working hard despite the fact of my thought of y'all coming to visit! We're still working and doing great ;) Gonna push through the next 16 days. Weird huh? 16 na lang! ;(

Love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Ellis

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