Monday, September 15, 2014

Race to the End....1 week to go!

Dear Friends and Family and other Readers,

Um... Hello. This is Elder Ellis ;) So, I'm done next week with my mission. It's pretty crazy, I honestly can't believe it. It's almost like I've thought for 2 years that next would never comes and now honestly I don't want it to go or... I do... it's just really hard to explain. I'm excited to get back to America, but I will for sure miss the times that I had here. I guess it's good that I made it last and made the best of it and the best memories for sure! ;) This week, not much happened and I don't have much to report. We didn't have a baptism yesterday and Saturday to Sunday we had a typhoon that passed by. We didn't get hit by the eye or anything, but it was pretty strong winds and yesterday was just rain all day. I'm sort of sick of getting wet all the time though. It was fun when I was a new missionary, but now it's just sort of old. At least I'm use to it I suppose. A lot of people get sick when they get wet here, or they go to bed and wake up with a fever, so I be countin my blessin's. hah... 

This week we had the opening of the Self Reliance Center in Negros Occidental. The branch is in our chapel actually. They've taken the family history center and bulked it up and renovated it and it looks good. It's just like the job search place that they do it America for members and non members and stuff. But it's really cool and they're teaching people how to better their businesses and things like that. How to take care of kids better, medicines and stuff like that. We only were there for about an hour and a half. The mayor was there, an area 70 was there, Elder Nobleza, and President showed up at the end and asked where our investigators were. haha. I just laughed since we didn't have any there, but it's totally President to ask that as the first question. Funny guy. Sister Lopez just took pictures of us, I was trying to not get in a lot, but I guess I did since mom saw. haha. Love you guys!

Opening Day

We've been teaching 2 teenage girls the past couple of weeks they've been to church twice and they've started attending seminary we actually found out. We didn't even tell them about it,  guess the young women invited them to come! Cool huh? We've got a rockin young men and young women program in this ward. Probably the best I've seen my whole mission. As far as fellow shipping and things go with that aged, there's none better. They're awesome!

I'm writing a pretty quick email today and then I'm making me a picture to hand out to the members and then we're going to continue on our p-day. We're trying to play basketball today... last basketball in the Philippines ;):):):):):) Should be great!

Going to work hard this week! Don't worry!
Love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Ellis

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