Monday, March 18, 2013

Zone Conference March 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Cadiz Zone
Hello everyone from the Philippines! This week is week two of the rough patch, but it is okay. I'm still keeping a positive attitude and am assured that everything will be okay eventually. This week we had Zone Conference and Stake Conference, so there was a lot of traveling and a little less work than we normally do. The funny thing is our numbers this week are better than last week and yet, we worked about 20 more hours last week. Zone Conference was amazing and so was stake conference. We were only allowed to attend the Sunday session, but now I know why. Stake conference is a broadcast from Salt Lake. At this stake conference, there was Elder Holland, Elder Hales, Elder Evans (of the 70), and Sister Cook (1st Counselor YW). It was super fantastic. It was all in English so I'm pretty sure I got more out of it than the people it was intended for. It was all on missions and things. They need more young men here from the Philippines serving and so it was really on that and focused towards them. It was amazing, I have so many notes from them. Jeffery R. Holland challenged us to read Sections 121,122,123 of the D&C which talk about Joseph Smith. I read them this morning for my personal study. I've read them before of course, it's like 3 of the best sections of scripture!  Things could always be worse. If I'm having a bad time I think of Joseph Smith, then Job, then Jesus Christ. I also read Job this morning in the Bible. That was crazy... he's an amazing man.

This week I'm just going to tell you about some families that we've been working with. The Perez family have been less active the whole time that I've been here and they even admit it. They know that the church is true and they have a testimony, but there is some type of problem that is going there. I'm not sure what it is, so we're working hard to figure it out. This week we taught them twice and both lessons were just amazing. Brother said that they will try and come to church, which he's never done that before. I love their family.  Brother is awesome and I hear he's really good at basketball. I just wish we were allowed to play with members.

The next family is the Pagaput family. They're also less active, but we don't have many opportunities to teach them because Brother is always gone at work and we can't go into a house without a male over 18. However, this week one time, he was home! It was awesome. He was bearing his testimony and the spirit was so strong and I just love them. I love their family. They have a way cool spirit and they are sealed in the temple. What an amazing blessing!

This week also Sister Teresita told us that she was going back to staying Catholic, but we've made a plan and I'm pretty sure she's not going to say that again. We're going to keep trying to get her to come to church and to do the things that we know will bless her life. It was hard at first, but now I think we've got something that will just bless her--The Word of Wisdom. We found out that she drinks and smokes, and so now, we have something to work with. It's interesting how the Lord works. So we're going to try and get her to see the blessings of quitting.

 The Demander Family
The Montano family
This week there a HUGE Festival going on in Victorias. We live a little near the plaza. A couple blocks away, but we can hear the music all the way from our house. Last night they were singing Journey and all this stuff while we were trying to sleep. I was dying. It was good though. There's a huge concert tonight that starts at 10pm and we go to bed at 10:30, so tonight should be interesting.
 Filipino custom to remove shoes before entering!


This week we had our Zone Conference in Bacolod at the mission home. It was great. I took my blanket this time so I totally didn't freeze my tail off with the air con. I'm use to the heat now, so it's pretty cold in the mission home now. My feet were really cold just sitting in the chair. It was really cool and we did some practice teachings, I think Mom you saw a picture of it on President's facebook. It was way fun. We have good zone leaders. Also, I ate ice cream! I love ice cream and we had a lot of it at the mission home! The food was also fantastic, meals that I don't get here in the mission other than at the mission home so it was really great! I love our mission president. He's a truly amazing man!

 EDPER with Elder Wilstead.

 Group EDPER

 Helping in the kitchen!

 Ice Cream!

Chocolate Rice Porridge for breakfast
The church is true. Sorry this letter is a little shorter. I love my family. Y'all are the best family in the world! Thanks for all the support and the prayers. I couldn't do it without you! Keep up reading the Book of Mormon and see the blessings :)
The new friend in our apartment!

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