Monday, March 25, 2013

Manalpa Exchanges

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been really good. Thanks to all my family members for emailing me. Y'all are great and special to me all the time. Thanks for all the prayers that come my way. Just know, mine goes your way as well. I will try and respond to all your emails, but I do have a limited time, so if you don't get one, don't be upset :) I'll write back eventually. However, I think I did mail all of you that sent me one. I hope that this email is finding everyone good and happy. This week has been pretty good actually. We had the highest number of less actives taught in the whole zone. Our less active teaching accounted for 1/4 of the zone, said Elder Doane. So, that's pretty cool I guess. This week is transfer week. I'm sure I'll stay here and continue to train, so that means 6 months here in Victorias. So let's get started with this week|:

P day: We went to Bacolod, because Elder Matamata needed something.  We aren't allowed to go to the mall unless we have a very good reason.  It is very different from my area. There's an actual mall, that's pretty legit too.  That evening, we came home and we decided to try and get off to a really good start by getting some good teachings in on Monday night. We were able to teach 3 less active families. It was a good p day and it always goes by so fast! PDAY (pirme dasig adlaw yeah) That's Hiligaynon for "Always fast day, yeah" haha. I learned that from Elder Bermudez.

District meeting as usual which is good to have. We learned lots of things that we can do to help our area and how to help the people that we need to do.  We studied and did the necessary things and then went to work. The AP's were on exchanges with the ZL's so we had an AP at our apartment all Tuesday and Wednesday morning. We learned that one of our less active families husband is a WOMANIZER! He's got like 4 other girlfriends and other kids. This man used to be Elders Quorum President and now he's doing all these bad things. We have no clue what to do.  He's stopped providing for the family and it's just such a mess. Of course, he's inactive and I don't know what to do. It's sad, but like I said, nothing we can do. Then we taught the Perez family and they started telling us that maybe they will go to church on Sunday. We were really excited! So I'll tell you about that on the Sunday part.

I had exchanges with Elder Bermudez in Manapla. It was so awesome. I love Manapla. It's such a nice ward and a beautiful area for that matter. I left the SD card at the house (DARN!), so next week I'll be sending pictures of that. It was cool because we taught some people that I taught last time I was in Manapla and now that I know the language they were super shocked. It was great. I love Elder Bermudez. He's an amazing missionary. He wishes we were companions someday and so do I!  He's got a great spirit when he teaches. We had this part where all these kids were following us and we decided to sprint away and it was just so fun. Manapla has some great people. The spirit is so strong in our lessons and I love it. Manapla elders also just moved into a brand new apartment that their members built for them, so it was nice and still had a fresh paint smell.

Exchanged back and just went straight to work. We had a lot of teachings and so that was a really good thing. I love teaching people. We taught the LA family with the dad who has all the women... he was "sleeping" in his house so we spoke up a little louder and taught the law of chastity! It was so funny and I was like trying to gear everything towards that dad. We taught the Perez family again and they said that they were going to come to church on Sunday.

Weekly planning takes forever it seems, but really only about 3 hours, in which we plan everything out for our week. We taught brother Delante and he's a great man. He's less active and I've yet to see him at church, but he's nice and always invites us in. He was stabbed by his neighbor in the arm, so we were really concerned for him. He's actually moving away today to Luzon, just like Manila. He was saying that he really wants to come to church, so it was really good. We referred him to the other mission there so maybe he can return to church there somewhere. We just gave it to the mission headquarters here and hopefully they'll take care of it.
Delante Family
The busiest day of the week. We had 9 teachings in this one day. All our investigators either weren't home, or had a baby. All except one, who is new. Bro Olleberos. He's a catholic, but says he doesn't believe that God is in the church. We taught him for an hour and a half, which usually doesn't happen, but he had so many questions. At first we were like, he's so golden, but then he didn't come to church, so we're not sure what happened. We tried to visit him last night, but he wasn't home. He speaks English so we teach him in English. It was awesome. We also taught a lot of other people in addition to the LA's and invited them to church...

Okay, running out of time. The Perez family came to church! How awesome! The whole family came and it was so great. I love them.  After church, we visited bro Delante and told him that we will miss him a lot. He told me that he would miss me too!  We then taught some more people. We had 7 La's at church with 0 investigators, because the church is so far away!


That's my week! I love you guys! The church is so true! Keep pushing on everyone. and keep reading. I love you all. My family is the best! Endure to the End!

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