Monday, March 11, 2013

Desire to Teach

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been... interesting. It was all downhill this week. Last week was super great. Our numbers and teachings were super high and I was so happy. This week everything went downhill. All of our numbers are about half as good as last week. Its been a rough week. Every time we'd go to Sister Teresita's house she was never there this week, except on Tuesday, so we only were able to teach her one time this week and she didn't come to church this week... :(  We don't know what happened. We heard that she had work all week. We actually had 0 investigators at church this week and 0 recent converts. Yesterday was a terrible day. I'll try and put some good stuff into this week though. It was pretty much walking and trying to find people to teach and trying to get people to listen to us.

Monday we taught a less active that I've never met before and I was super happy and excited about that. We taught her and she said that she always wakes up late and that's why she doesn't come to church. We told her sacrament wasn't until 10:30 and I know she's up by then, so then she's like... "oh okay. Maybe I'll come". Didn't come to church though, so that was rough. She was the only person we taught on Monday. Nobody else was home. However, we found a really cool new place to eat called Wengweng's Lawn.

Tuesday we had district meeting which we always start our day later because we still have to study after district meeting.  District meeting is so great. It's such a good time to throw our investigators and less actives on the table and discuss them. After that, we went to teach some less actives but most weren't home or they had no priesthood (male) there so we can't go into the house if that's the case. So it's pretty rough. However, we had FHE at the Demandar's so that was way awesome. I love them.

Just another terrible day. We found a new investigator, Sister Beverly Grace. She's 19. Pregnant. This week she found out her and her "husband" aren't married, so now we're trying to figure out all that because they need to get married before she can get baptized. Also, we've never met the husband.  Our goal this week is to meet him and hopefully be able to teach him. Our teachings were very low and I was not happy.

This was probably the best day of the week, not even kidding. We had 3 lessons with a member present. However, one of our investigators says she can't be baptized because her husband won't allow it. MAN!  We're doing everything we can there. She's totally ready too. Her name is Jealous. haha. Cool huh? We're doing our best. She has a daughter that can be baptized too. They're ready, we're waiting on the Lord to provide us a way.

1 teaching. 1. Not even joking. Brother Delante. He was drinking coffee when we came up and visited him. He's just chilling outside his house. Then he says, "Elders, this is "Bawal" right?" Bawal means forbidden. We're like, "Yes brother, so why are you drinking it?" Then he went on about how it's okay because he only does it sometimes. THEN I PULLED A DOUG ELLIS! I said, okay brother, So it's okay for me to sometimes Kill people! HAHA! he said, no of course not. Then we're like, yeah, exactly. This is the same. They're both sins. It was so funny. Other than that, the people that we tried to go and visit were not home or were "busy."

We taught 1 less active family, the Mirasol's. They live pretty far and that's why they can't go to church a lot, but they're still a cool family. After that, we went and just tried to find some new people to teach. We teach this one guy and he wouldn't even let us speak. He was so crazy. Quoting things he had not a clue about and really made himself look dumb. I felt bad for him. He'd stand up from his chair and start yelling. I was laughing so hard and he got pretty upset at it, just because it was so funny. The spirit totally wasn't there, but it was just funny because he started telling us we don't believe Jesus is the Savior and I was like hm... weird. What's the name of our church brother? It was just honestly funny. I was having a great time with him.
Ivy Rose....Isn't she cute?
No teachings. Nobody was home. Nobody was at church. I honestly wanted to just lie in my bed with my fan and just sleep. However, we had 10 less actives at church which is like AMAZING! So that was good I think, but other than that, it was a terrible Sunday.
 Lizards are the new "in" thing!

I hope you don't take this week as me complaining. It was just a terrible week. I still love being a missionary and nothing is changing about that aspect of things. The church is still true. I'm just going through what Ether taught about the trial of faith in Ether 12. That's all. Everything will work out in the Lord's time. This is His work and not my work. Everything will work in his hand, not mine. I am nothing but a voice for my Heavenly Father and an instrument is his hand. He's the one who is guiding me to do this work. I love it.

I love you all. The church is so true. I just want to tell you that. I love this work and I love being a missionary. And there is so much happiness found here on this island with the Filipino's. I really love them. I'm seeing them how the Lord is seeing them, not how I see them. They're totally awesome people and they know what's up. Their lives are so hard, but they are awesome and amazing people to talk to. They have some good stories about life. I hope everyone is still reading the Book of Mormon. It's so amazing. I finished last week. It's true! Just wanted to say that. The Book is true!

I Hope that you are all having a great Sunday back home. It's Monday here. Have a good week. Love y'all.

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