Monday, November 12, 2012

Last Week at MTC!

Dear Family (and whoever else reads these things),
How is everyone doing?? I'm doing fantastic! I've got my flight plans! Ready... here you go:
     I leave Salt Lake City (Delta 1211) at 8:30pm! I arrive at LAX at 9:28pm (in Cali time). I leave LAX (Cathay Pacific Airways 881) at 12:05am(November 20) and arrive in Hong Kong at 7:40am(November 21). I literally skip a Tuesday! From Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific Airways 901) I leave at 9:30am (November 21) and arrive in Manila at 11:15am. I leave Manila (Philippine Airlines 137) at 1:55 and get into Bacolod at 3:15.
I'll hopefully call you from SLC, but I might be rushed for time because we leave the MTC at 5:00pm I think. "ish"... But If not SLC, definitely LAX! Are y'all sending me a calling card?
So there you have it!!! I'm going to my Island Finally!!! :) I'm super stoked!
Okay, so Ash made Varsity!!!! HECK YEAH! That's my sister right there! You must keep me updated on her season, have her email me, that's allowed ya know :) I'd be nice to hear how her season is going. Sam... what happened at Futsol? (Is this Maeser or Celtic) And y'all already went Christmas shopping? That's crazy... you've always done that though. Congrats to Brother Halladay on the win! Ash created a memes page! That's sooooo cool!!! I haven't gotten anything from Sam Nickell... what is she sending me? I guess today is a National Holiday or something, so NO MAIL! That's the worst day ever! My p-day and there's no mail. This is the 2nd time that's happened since I've been here. Oh well :( Tomorrow I guess.
Okay, so if anyone write me and dear Elders me, FRIDAY! Is the last day that is possible. No dear Elders on Saturday and Monday.  Our district leader leaves in the morning because he's in the IloIlo mission, so there's no way to get mail. So anything sent to me need to come by Friday. Or, just email me. That's okay too.
If I might make a request: There was a backpack, a black one, not being used that was in the basement. It was brand new and I asked whose it was and everyone said they didn't know. May I have it please?? I want to travel with a backpack because I can put more things in it. So if that's possible thanks so much :) You'll be getting a box sometime this week from me with some stuff in it that I don't need so be prepared for that :)
Okay, this week its really been the same. Just getting a little nervous, but not too much actually. I'm getting quite excited. I'm trying as hard as I can at the language and it's really been good. I bought a Book of Mormon at the Bookstore, just the hard back one, and I'm gonna try and place it while traveling, we'll see what happens there. I'm not sure what's going to happen once I get to Manila, so don't worry about me, hopefully I'll email you or something and let you know I'm okay, but I'm not sure on that. Just know that I'll be fine and the Lord will take care of me. I'm in Alma 30 right now in the Book of Mormon. I had my exit interview with my Branch Pres. yesterday and he said I'm good to leave... thank goodness :) haha.
Will someone give me an update on Elder Garner? I still have yet to get anything, except pictures (thanks momma!) So just let me know. I wanna know how he's doing with the language, investigators and the culture. Thanks a million for everything y'all do! Wish me luck. I'll be able to email next week so if you can't write me before Friday, email me and I'll get it next Monday.
The Church is true! It really is! Jesus Christ lives! I love this gospel. I love y'all! Be good and safe okay? Put in some prayers for me if ya would, I'd appreciate that! Love you guys!
Elder Ellis
This is what happens when you have ADD and you've been cooped up in the MTC for 8 weeks.

First snow as a missionary!

Rock Star or in pain?

Cool Elder!

Closest thing to a snowman in the MTC.

Snowball fight anyone?
Philippines Bacolod Mission :)

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