Monday, April 21, 2014

4.21.14 Waterfalls and Goals to Achieve

Dear Friends and Family,

Sorry this is going to be a bit of a short email. I'm running a little low on time at the moment. We spent all morning getting lost in the jungle and having some super fun climbing to rocks and viewing a waterfall. It was way cool! 

This week, not as successful as I had wanted it to be. Our investigators, all the ones that are progressing and things, didn't come to church. We were supposed to have Amor and Jeremy's interview on Sunday, but they didn't come to church. We weren't able to visit them at all last week, they were never home. The other investigators didn't have money to pay to go to church this week, to ride the bus, so it sucks, that's life, I'm use to it now, over it, live to fight next Sunday I suppose.

Holy Week was this week... definitely a big week for all the other churches. Friday... the biggest holiday in the world for the Catholics. Too bad they worship a dead Jesus. Friday, Good Friday, is bigger than Sunday... how strange? They're more happy that Jesus died than that Jesus lived again???????? Is that for real?????? I mean, we do understand that the death was NECESSARY for all of us to return back to our Father in Heaven. Yes, we are very grateful. But think, we all get to live again too, because HE lived again. So honestly, their churches are a joke, I don't know if I can openly say that. But really? I mean, I don't understand any of the doctrine in that church. Reading Matthew Chapter 6 alone, questions most of their doctrinal foundations and also the 10 commandments. Oh well. At least we know what the truth is and we live by it. 

Our week was alright I guess. My companion and I are getting along okay. Not any problems. He's struggling with the language, but still speaks Tagalog so at least he can talk to people, unlike an American who can understand or talk to anyone. But, he'll get it! ;) I'll help him out. haha. We're doing alright though. 
Just want to leave my testimony that I know this work is true. I will never regret being on a mission no matter how hard it gets, how far I fall, how bad things get, how non-progressive, how much the branch leader frustrate me with their lack of caring towards the work of salvation, I know one thing and it's I did the right thing and I made the right choice by coming here! ;) Only got 5 more months and it's super weird to think about. Sort of like the 4th quarter of a basketball game. Last ditch effort. Leaving it all on the court. Game winner. Buzzer beater. Love you guys! You're in my prayers always. 

Elder Ellis

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