Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4.14.14 Trainer + Conference = Very Busy Week

Dear Friends and Family,

As you all know I'm now a trainer! My new companion is Elder Racaza. He's from Quezon City and is great! His whole family is members of the church, he's got a mission type background, he's worked with the missionaries at home before, so he's way good! Only problem, Tagalog. haha. It's not a problem and it will come with time so I'm not worried at all what so ever. I picked him up from the mission home on Thursday and so, that was pretty much the start of my week.


Elder Ellis had to demonstrate Inviting the Spirit in Teaching in Hiligayan

New Comp Elder Racaza

Monday we did our p day. Basketball was good, I was a little tired and not really playing the top of my game, so it wasn't a good basketball day. It was still alright though, then on Monday night I think we went to one appointment and it wasn't that great. It was with the Metusa Sisters and they have a ton of friends that we teach, but none of them were there. 

Tuesday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Yeah, it's Dad's birthday on Tuesday. So we had a great district meeting! Hope you like the pictures dad! ;) Then right after that Elder Wilstead calls me with a transfer announcement and we find out that Elder Urgelles is transferring and that I will be a trainer. So all day we just went around saying goodbye to people, then we packed, and then I cleaned the house because I wanted it to be awesome for my new companion. Luckily Elder Wilstead and I are buddies so he let me know if I was training an American or not, it's not, so I just made sure it was clean. haha. We just packed and stuff and got ready that night.

My district

Wednesday I was in Bacolod. We traveled there and then I had to spend the night waiting for my new companion to come in that night and I would pick him up on Thursday morning. 

Thursday I got to the mission home and we had a good training in the morning by the assistants about training and things, I haven't trained in our a year, so it was a good refresher. I've been learning tons though and I feel like I've grown a lot and I'm a lot more effective of a teacher! Even though, I haven't been able to baptized tons, I feel like I'm doing my part, which is what's more important. I got my new companion, took some pictures, ate lunch, then back to our area! We got back to the apartment, I took him to go and buy some food, and then we went to work. We visited just the same people we always visit and I just showed him some of the area. He doesn't understand anything or anyone, so it's super funny! But all is well!
Facebook friend that is now in La Carlotta.  

Friday, the first full day of missionary work for Elder Racaza. He was blasted wasted tired, it was awesome. We worked so much and found 14 new investigators in one day! WHAT UP! That's how it's going! It was a great day, 3 of them were referrals from on Sister in our branch that's preparing for a mission. They were just a few kids, BUT, we ended up talking to theirs Mom's and things and so now things are looking a little good with some families. It's in a part of our area that we've never had much success with finding before so I'm super excited about it! They're all still new so, no progression yet. 

Saturday and Sunday was conference all day as you know. So that was it. I was a little bit, not disappointed in conference, but I guess I was searching for other things. Some of the talks were really good though and you could definitely tell the theme was on faith and doing our best and forgiving others! Super great messages. I like the ones on the family and how we need our families and in times of trouble or turmoil, all we've got is our family! Love it! I've just got such a better outlook on life and things now, I've been more happy serving a mission and I'm loving it! I wouldn't trade this for anything in the whole world! 
Breakfast before Conference

I love you guys back home, sorry so short this week because we didn't do much, but I'll have some better stuff for y'all next week! Love you!

Elder Ellis

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