Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31st: New Sisters + Splitting the Area = New work to be done

Dear Beloved Family and Friends,

This week we've just been having a blast! We got the Sisters into our branch now and I'm super happy that the Sisters with us are actually way cool Sisters. Sister Turtal, do you remember her? We were assigned in Escalante Branch together! She's way cool, from Mindanao, native Cebuano speaker. He companion is Sister Uata, a Tongan, from California! So they're super cool and nice to be with, I'm just glad it's them and not other people. I mean, if that's at least proper to say.
So this week I don't have much to report on and here's why; so the Sister's got here on Friday and on Friday night we split the area! We went to the branch Pres. house and with him, he pretty much divided the area. I'm not going to speak ill of my BP, but we definitely got shafted. The Sister's area has 95% of the members so that they could work on rescuing less actives because Priesthood holders listen better to women/ sisters than they do men. So we don't even have any area near the church anymore. We got the poorest of the people area near this little beach area, all "squatters" we call them, then there's all the other rice field workers and stuff. Some of the area is actually really good. It's just super far and nobody wants to come to church if they're that far from it. I think the Ayungan branch is actually closer to them, so it would make more sense if they just went to that church... I'm a little confused, but I guess I didn't make the rules or boundaries for the church. We had an amazing 15 solid investigators that we were teaching, not all progressing obviously, but at least we were making progress. We now have 3. The same 3 that only come to church once a month and whenever we commit to baptism, we have to move their dates further away...
I can tell you about all our investigators now in my email since there's only 3 and we weren't really focusing on this part of the area anyway:
Amor (34) and Jeremy(8)--- They are way good investigators. Always read the Book of Mormon and have no problem praying after or before lessons. They know the church is true and everything. Just come Sunday, they have not a ton of money to go to church, so it's a bit frustrating... but all is well. 
Joana Comporaso (9)---She's the part member and we're really trying to work with her parents to get them all to come back to Church. When I got here the Mom had already come 2 weeks straight and was determined to return, but then... after that, nothing now!
Yesterday at church, no investigators, no less actives, and we now only have 1 recent convert that lives in our area, but hey! SHE'S ACTIVE! So she was actually at church, so I was happy about that! ;) 
I'm glad that we have an area that we've never been to before I guess because it gives us the opportunity to just talk to anyone that we really want to! Super cool! ') I'm stoked, but I"m nervous at the same time, but I'm happy that we get that opportunity to share with others. Maybe the area was cut bad so that we could focus on other people that we don't focus on most of the time time. Maybe this will turn into something good even though it's a terrible thing! We're honestly just trying out best, that's what I told President last night. We had to send in our actual baptisms for March and our Goal for April, just like we do every single month... and again... for the 3rd month in a row, San Enrique is at a zero... but we goal-ed for 3 for April, and I'm determined to hit it. Then he asked why we didn't reach our goal for last month and I texted and said, President, I wish I even had an excuse to tell you, but I don't. We're working our hardest and that's all I can say. He seemed satisfied and told us to just keep finding! I'm not satisfied though! Little upset, but I know that all will be well in the end of this trial. I'm not going to say that I love trials, but grabe ba they're hard, but I've learned the type of person that I really am even when trials come about. 
I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I've really started to like listening to Bruce R. McConkie, his voice just cracks me up for one, and for two, he's so just straight up to the point and in your face. His talk about our Relationship with the Lord is amazing and the Holy Ghost is the most important thing to strive to keep with you. It was really interesting to put into perspective! I'm trying really hard not to lose my head here in the area, but I'm really just working hard with my companion and we're trying to make the best of everything that we've got. 
Something cool I learned in church yesterday though from one of the high councilmen, it's a quote, but I just remembered that I knew the quote, "Ordinary people, talk about people, Un-Ordinary people talk about ideas, doctrine, and philosophy" I was thinking how true that it and how much that would change your life it we all just stopped talking about other people and stuff and started talking about ideas and how to change things and make life better. I honestly was like, this guy is awesome. He's one of the only leaders here that I met that I actually like wanted to talk to and be with because he was so bright in the gospel. He taught our branch, since it's 5th Sunday right, combined? the whole reason why home teaching is important and HOW it's actually done. The whole process, companions, what to teach, why, how, all of it. Super awesome lesson! I told him to come back and teach again next week, because our Branch Pres. was actually absent because he was sick! AHHH!!! but I don't think he'll do it again, but at least I learned something. That's like one of the first times I've learned something actually in church here! Like really learned something good and useful! LOVE IT!
So how is everyone doing back home? Is everyone aware that I only email you 26 more times? haha... My companion lovingly counted how many weeks I have left! Little turkey! Y'all better be getting excited for Mothers day skype!!! WHOOO!!!! Mom, I'll ask Pres. Lopez about changing the day so I can call you all, so no worries. I think I'll ask next week, that seems like a good time! I hope that all is well going back home and that the girls are doing well in school. I'll be home for their senior year! EXCITING! Bring on the sports games haha. I'm excited to see them play and Syd to gym, that's so cool!
I love you guys and hope all are doing well! Keep up the good work!
Keep reading the Book of Mormon and Praying! ;)

Elder Ellis

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