Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24th--Lots of Teaching + Small Typhoon = Few People at Church

Dear Friends and Family,

How's it going back in the grand US of A! The Philippines is still killing it and super fun! Couldn't ask for better. We've had an amazing week, despite the turn out on Sunday, our week was amazing! I've obtained a new personal record for most lessons taught in a week with my companion, so we're just killing it right now! Unfortunately mother nature blessed us with a typhoon the past 2 days, not strong, but strong enough for it to flood some peoples houses and things and we only had 28 people show up to church. So that was quite the bummer, really the rain wasn't that bad, but the turn out for church was only people from like far areas, the really strong members, anyone who lives with in even a mile of the church, didn't come, because outside that radius, they were there. So palagpat! It's whatever I guess. We're doing all we can, and I'm rather satisfied with myself that we're doing that. So as long as we continue, my heart is at peace and I feel great with what we're doing here in the area. 

Our 3 investigators that we supposed to be interviewed yesterday for baptism didn't come to church because of the rain. So, we're not going to have any baptisms this month and I'm super nervous to text President that now because his reply will not be good, but it's all good. Like I said, we're trying the best we can. So we're think in 2 weeks once they come to church maybe 2 more times, we'll feel it ready for the them to be baptized. I just hate flaky people. I just want strong people that are determined to go to church or I mean do anything in life for that matter without being flaky. If you're going to do something, do it with all your heart and mean what you say, don't say something and then do other things, it just makes me so upset. I've talked about it before, so I won't go on and on about it again, but that's just how I feel. 

The Estares Family, the part member family we found last week is super awesome. The dad was drunk yesterday though, but told us that a little alcohol is good for the body, i said, "Brother, did you drink just a little" He said, "No..." So I said, okay you can't justify drinking by saying a little is good and your blasted out of your mind right now. What a funny guy. The grandma is a drunkard too... she's super funny though and always says funny stuff to us and we just laugh. I just can't keep a straight face when I'm in a lesson and Grandma is outside shouting at us, "MORMON ADDED TO THE BIBLE!"  Just super funny! The son of the family is 11, I think, he's not yet baptized, but we gave him a date forApril 26, assuming they all start coming to church again. I think they will, it'll just take some time. They said that they were going to yesterday, but with the rain, they just didn't make it. It's tradition here that you'll die if your head gets wet from the rain. So next week we're expecting them to be at church!

Sister Saulan is super cool. She's the one that her husband is a member, they just moved here from Manila. We taught them about baptism and Sister was all over like, when can I be baptized and stuff, super awesome! She's super excited to go to church and things. She said she was going to go today even though she had no money, she was going to walk, then the rain started, and she doesn't have an umbrella, so she just stayed home, super sad! She's still way cool. We gave her a date last night for April 26th as well! So next month could be a way awesome month for baptisms. The past year there's been 4 in this area... We're going to hopefully have over 4 next month! ;) So we're excited!

So as far as less actives go, we teach tons! However, our branch doesn't really visit them a whole lot, so it's super pointless all our hard work and teaching, but we're trying. They were going to visit them all yesterday, but RAIN! NO RAIN! So they didn't go anymore and it got moved to next week. We teach over 20 less actives families a week and not a ton of them are progressing. They'll come to sometimes or whatnot, but in order to come back to "Activity" you need to go 4 times in a row... which is super hard. So we're trying out best.
Okay, so I have like a favorite investigator, if I'm allowed to say that. I talked about him last week, Tatay (father) Sanchez! Well... Brother Sanchez is what we need to call him, but the respect thing and stuff here in the Philippines is that we should call him Tay, or Tatay. It's a super respect kind of thing, but the mission says to call them brother, but sometimes, Tatay still comes out. Anyway, he's super great! He was the one that was smoking like 2 packs of cigs a day! Now he's at like 5-6 only a day! How cool is that. I've never seen someone go that fast! He's cruising along and trying his best. He gave up drinking all together. I told him, I love you Tay, he was like, Thanks Elder. haha. He's a super cool guy! I'm super stoked for him to come to church next week! This week he didn't come because of the rain. His daughter is a recent convert, so next week for sure they should be coming!

Okay, this week we're getting Sister Missionaries in the area. I'm gonna try and do the best to split the area in our favor... hah. There's a certain part in the area where all our investigators are and if that goes to the Sisters, we're totally not in good position for the future. But, we'll do what we can. ha. I've nervous to see who they put here in the area, we need some tough sisters. This place could be a little sketchy at night. But, I just got a phone call 2 min ago saying they want to move their stuff in to the house today. So, looks like I've got more things to do on my P-day now... great! ;) 

I hope all is well back home and things are going with school for the girls and stuff. Syd, ya look great with braces! hahaha ;) That's awesome. I remember having braces! We're going to go and play basketball today with the zone like always! ;) STOKED! The work is progressing, slowly, but still progressing! 
I love you guys! Thanks for all the prayers!

Elder Ellis

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