Friday, June 7, 2013

Loving the Philippines with Elder Edem

Dear Family and Friends,

Elder Edem & Ellis
Hello. Happy Monday from the Philippines. How is everyone doing at home? Is the weather getting nicer at home? The weather is the same here. Always hot and sunny. It rained one time this week, which is a nice story so I'll tell you about that in the upcoming part of my email.
This is called Owl'ing
Our Bus Stop
On Monday I took the pants that y'all sent me and I took them to the tailor. I got them fixed and now they both fit just fine. It's nice to have some black pants. I look pretty good in them. haha. The we went to Toboso to play basketball with Elder Mallama, Elder Marble, Elder Jipus, and Elder Lofthouse. Let's just say it was super super fun. I love playing basketball here so much. Even though it was like 1000 degrees. We went back to our house and showered and cooled down.

On Tuesday we had our district meeting in the morning like we do every Tuesday. We have a new Elder in our district because he's a new missionary. So it's fun to have him because he's always like, what's going on, what's going on. Just like I was when I was a new missionary. After district meeting we went home and did our studies. Then ate some lunch. After that we went to work. We went to Caren's house and taught her about the Sabbath Day. She knew everything about it, but it's just something that we need to keep teaching. We teach recent converts up until a year after they are baptized. Then we went to a Less Active, Sister Ayo. She was baptized 2 years ago, but now is less active. She came to church last week though, but was absent this week. After that lesson we walked to the next mountain over and taught Brother Darwin. Darwin hasn't been to church since November. We've taught him so many times, but there is still no change. He lives at the top of a really big mountain, but there's people that live on other big mountains and they go to church. I just think it's a problem with being lazy. Yes mom, I even think he's lazy. I know I use to be so lazy too and I'm sorry. Okay, the next lesson was another recent convert, Queenie. This is Darwin's sister. She's actually hitting her year mark today. We also taught her mother, who isn't a member yet, also mother of Darwin. The mom has been an investigator for 2 years, but her husband won't let her be baptized, but they have a son now on a mission. So it's an interesting situation. We going to try and baptize the mom this transfer though!
Sister Ayo's bamboo bench outside her house
We did what we called the 15 names day. The list of 15 names is a list of 15 less actives that the branch wants us to teach and to return back to church. So we set a goal to visit all 15 of them. However, we only got to 5. Between trying to actually find them and then once we find them, talk to them and teach them. The first one is Brother Warlito. After going through the area book we've found that he's actually been less active for like 5 years now... We've taught him before, but this time his 2 daughters were there that are also members, less active, but they've moved to Manila. So we were able to teach all of them. Then we taught the Garcia family. Sister Garcia actually went to church last week, which was really exciting. However this week, she didn't show. They even promised they'd come to church. So we'll keep teaching and nourishing them by the good word of God. Then we taught Sister Dumdum. Sister is a less active, but her kids are active. Nobody knows why she stopped coming to church. She still prays and reads the scriptures, but the 3rd important thing, going to church, she doesn't do. Her kids don't know why, we even asked. We've taught her a couple times before, but this week we wanted to find out what her concern is so that we can figure out what we can do. After talking to her and teaching her we found out what it was. She takes care of her daughters child. We found out that she wants her daughter to come home from Manila and be a MOM of the child and they can all go to church together and things. It was a great story. You wanna know the best news? She came to church on Sunday! Then we went and ate dinner at the Ondoy's house. Then it started to rain... I don't have an umbrella anymore. Long story. So I'm trying to get a new one. But we started walking down to the highway and the bus flies by right as we're walking to it. So... we missed the bus. It only comes once an hour. That bus was the 9pm bus. Someone told us it was the last trip too. OH MAN! Long story short it was raining, I was so wet and so cold. Then finally there was a bus at 10pm. Turns out 10 is the last trip. After getting home there is no power, the wind I guess did something. After I said my night time prayer, I felt sick immediately. That's when I knew something wasn't good.

On Thursday morning I had a fever. The fever finally went away this morning. Everyday the fever fades slightly at about 8pm, but my the morning it's back full blast. I was told be the mission nurse that it's a virus. It's still not completely gone, but she said it should be gone by Wednesday for good. So let's hope. I haven't been able to leave to work because well, they won't let me because I"m sick. So it's been miserable since Wednesday night. Sunday I did go to church, then we went home right after. None of our investigators were at church. It was a sad Sunday. Only 2 less actives.

The Philippines is still treating me well. Still very hot, humid, and no clouds during the day. It seems the only time that it rains is at night. I miss y'all so much back home. Especially since I'm sick right now. Everything is okay though right? Trial are what make us grow, so I've been told. Seems lots come my way the past couple weeks, but I know that I can get through them. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts that pass my way. They are much needed. I love y'all back home. Keep up the good work. Hope y'all have a great week!

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