Monday, June 24, 2013

Hanging in Mambini for at least 6 more weeks with Elder Edem!

Dear Family and Friends,
The sign of a working Elder!
Hello!!!! How's everyone's week going so far. Well, I"m not transferred. Six more weeks here at least. Could be longer. Depends on Pres. Lopez's revelation I assume. It's okay though. I love Mabini and I love the people here. Even though it's super hard, let's just say, I knew a mission wouldn't be easy one bit. So this is a good experience and it makes me really count my blessings that I've seen in my life. I've really learned a lot and realized that I've got tons of blessings in my life. Even when I don't think I do, I just look on the bright side and that's what keep me pushing on! Elder Edem and I are still companions. He didn't get transferred either. I'm still senior companion. Our district didn't transfer either. Actually I think we didn't really get anyone new in the zone except for 2 this transfer. So it was a pretty chill transfer you could say. Which is nice because everyone in the zone likes to play basketball every Monday and I don't want to change that. So that's just another blessing for not being transferred! 
Goat riding!
On Monday one of the Escalante missionaries was done with his mission. 2 years were up and they had to go to Bacolod on Monday afternoon for like marriage and job training with President. I'm just kidding, but I have no clue what they do in that meeting and I'm sure it's not about missionary work since their missions are over. So his Companion Elder Tallano was assigned to be with us so that he wasn't alone. He would get his new companion on Wednesday in Bacolod. So on Monday we played basketball in Toboso. Let's just say my shot was on. We play to 15 points and I had 4 three's in row to make the score 12-2. It was a fast game. I don't know why my shot was on, it's usually off, but it was way good. It was super fun to play. I love basketball still. We're playing today too here in Escalante though with the zone again. Last week we only played 2 games though, the Toboso Elder's said they had a family home evening. So after 2 games they said, okay we're done and I was so mad. I said are you serious? We came 25 kms by bus, spent 25 pesos to come play ball and you only play two games. Toboso is like 45 minutes away. I was so mad. Anyway, so now we're making them come to Esacalante to play today. But I"m not sure if they'll actually play, they might just come to p day and email. We worked in Escalante with Elder Tallano since his area. We just went to a member's house for dinner and then shared a scripture. They have some way nice families in their branch.
New friend--a baby cow!
Tuesday we did combined district meeting because of Elder Tallano's companion being gone and we're in a different district we asked our ZLs what we should do, so we did a 3 companionship combined district meeting. Finally a good district meeting with a lot of good input. We got to good ideas with what we should do with The Janna Family and then with Sister Caren our recent Convert who now is a huge problem. But I'll tell you about that later. Then we went back to our house and then we cooked lunch and sat for a little and planed our day. We're still with Elder Tallano so we planned to work in Mabini and little bit and then we'd go to Escalante to with  him in his area. So we went to Mabini and taught Sister Garcia, the one who's been going to church for the past couple weeks and she came this Sunday too. So if she comes to church next Sunday, she's rescued and no longer a less active. After teaching her we went up this big hill to a place called Upper Mabini and tried to find some less actives there, but they weren't home so instead I talked to a different women. Then it turns out she's a former investigator. It seems like EVERYONE is a former investigator in Mabini. So we talked to her and asked if we could return and she said yes, but she wasn't home when we came back yesterday. So again... we'll just keep going back. Then we went to work in Escalante with Elder Tallano. We went to an investigators house and he wasn't there so we call that getting punted, which happens... multiple times every single day. After that we went to a nearby members house and they made us mango shakes, it was so good! I love Mango!!!
The Church is True!
Wednesday we took Elder Tallano to a place just a little north of here called Sagay where then he traveled to Bacolod with other missionaries and then came back with his new companion later. It was good. Came back, then did our studies. Then we went to work. We went to the Janna Family and taught them about Jospeh Smith, gave them the Book of Mormon, assigned Moroni 10:3-5 and then committed them to pray about our message and about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. They said they would. Then we taught the Ayo family who's less active about search for the kingdom of God first before anything else. It was a way good lesson! However, still didn't come to church... great. They want help, but don't do anything to get the blessings. Sort of a little bit backwards to me, but people to have their agency. Then we got punted a couple times because people weren't home, then we finally we to teach the Garcia family. The son, "Badong" is his nickname, but he has come to church 4 weeks in row now, so he's rescued. So that's cool. We taught them about 3 Ne 13: 20-21 about treasure and what our treasures are in life. 
Coolest goat I've seen!
Thursday we went to Paitain to teach Bro Despojo. He's still having a little bit of family problems I think with his wife and things. Not really sure what's going on and it's nothing that we can do and we're not allowed to do anything. If they need help they need to talk to the Branch President. Not us. haha. So we taught him about the Restoration again and the Book of Mormon. It was a good lesson. Since it's focused a lot on the family it was way cool. So it was good for him I think. Then we went down the mountain and we taught Bro Desuyo, who's wife is a member. Anyway, we taught about Agency and the Creation of the earth and we're here to make right choices and follow Jesus Christ. He seems to understand, but we asked him, "Brother, what is your reason for life here?" Like the purpose of life thing... His answer was to pray. So, I think he only said that because we're the missionaries. So that was a little annoying, but we'll work on the one. We then continued on the way down the mountain and got punted at every single stop along the way. Either too busy, not home, or had people over and they didn't want to talk, or were eating dinner. 
Lots of Sugar Cane!
Friday we did our weekly planning session and that was good. We planned some good finding activities which are needed this week because if we want any baptisms this transfer we're going to need to find them this week so they can be baptized by the end of the transfer. So we did a way long planning session and were planning a lot of things. I guess I'll tell you how they go this week. We only had 1 teaching. Sister Jorolan and her mother. Her mom is visiting so we took the time and taught them about The Restoration. Her mom is Born Again, which I'm not too familiar with them, so it was interesting. We just talked about church and then we taught the Restoration. She came to church last Sunday with Sister Jorolan. So we just talked about her experience at church. She said it was good! However, she's returning to her place on the other side of the island this week so we're not going to be able to teach her. Then by the time we were there, then walked about to the Ayo's and none of them were home. The Janna Family wasn't home. It was a little dark. We walked back to the highway, which takes like forever. We then went to our dinner appointment at President Delaguits house, which was super good. Pork Chops and RICE! I love Rice! Then we taught them about 2 Nephi 9:51 about spending money wisely. It was a good lesson I think. They already knew the scripture, but it was nice to teach them about it and then talk about it.
Baby Chicks!
Saturday we decided to teach only 5 minutes lessons to everyone we wanted to visit. We wanted to teach a lot of people and invite them to church. We started with Sister Gonzales. Taught of Joseph Smith and then thought he was our Heavenly Father... we think she has a brain problem. It takes awhile for something to settle in. Then we taught Sister Dumdum about going to church and doing all the we can and about faith in our trials. It was a great lesson, however, she still didn't come to church on Sunday. Then we taught the Garcia family about the Word of Wisdom because we know the sons have problems with that. So we figured it'd be a good thing to teach. Then we had a lunch appointment at the Trujillo's which was good. Chicken and some other stuff. Then Spaghetti. So that was great. Then rode up the mountain to Bro Despojo and taught him about the pre earth life and how we're just a huge big family. He was really happy to see us and expressed a lot of sorrow for him and his family. On Sunday him and his whole family didn't come to church. We don't know why, but we'll find out probably on Wednesday.  Then we went to the Desuyo family, but they weren't there... dang. Then we taught the Bawaan family. They were at church on Sunday! It was great. It was a super busy day and I wish all days could be like that day. Lot's of teachings and it was just a nice day. 
Then comes Sunday. No investigators at church and no recent converts. WOW! I'm so bumbed out. So this week we're just going to teach as many people as we talk to, get more investigators in our teaching pool, that's our big struggle. Then we worked and taught Sister Garcia, who will be rescued next week. Then a little 11 year old girl who's a member, but doesn't come to church anymore because now she lives with Grandma and she's not a member, but we're going to try and teach the Grandma, which is going to tough. She's a religion that is local here called Dios Amahan, which means God the Father. They believe some crazy stuff. So that's going to be interesting. Then we taught a girl named Madonna. I've told you about her before, but she's just a less active who wants to do a laundry on Sunday because she does other things on Saturday
The weeks been good. Here's the deal with Sister Caren. She now doesn't answer our texts and will not meet with us anymore. Her aunt I guess got to her and now we think her testimony is way down. She told us not to come to her house anymore. She's only been baptized two months... pretty crazy stuff, so there's not much we can do. 
This week has been okay I guess. This upcoming week will be better. We're going to really just focus on talking to everyone we see that's just sitting or doesn't look to busy or just walks by us. We need more new people to teach. It's the thing we're lacking the most. The Lord is wanting me to learn something and I guess I'll figure it out. I know I can find it in the scriptures and in Preach My Gospel. My study has been way good this week though actually. I've been really buckling down and reading ALL the scripture suggestions in Preach My Gospel and I've really learned a lot and been able to apply it. 
E.Q Pres, Bro Trujillo and John Mark Trujillo his son (2nd Coun in BP)
I love you all at home. Please keep me in your prayers as I know you already do. Thanks for all the support. I do know and have a testimony that this church is the True Church of God here on the earth today. Read your scriptures! They'll guide you in all things. Have a good week!

Elder Ellis

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