Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 4 in Mambini Branch

Dear Family,

Hello everyone. It's been a good and an enjoyable week. I'm sorry to hear that you fed the missionaries and they were total boneheads. That's totally not cool. Here when we eat dinner we always share with the family and it's always super fun and we sometimes even play games, most of the times with the children. Children are usually the funnest part because they know that I don't really speak the language that well, but I do understand a lot of things they say, so they think they can sneak some jokes on me and it doesn't work. They're totally amazing though. I just remember the awesome missionaries that we had in Virginia and how they'd play with us. They were way awesome. This week was pretty interesting. Yesterday we had the baptismal interview for Abel (said like Avele). He will be baptized on Saturday at noon :) Super stoked. This Friday we will be having our mission president training here in Escalante at 9am. So look for pictures on President's facebook.

On Monday we wanted to play basketball during P day and so we went to the church, but there was no ball. We looked for a ball forever and still, no ball. We texted people, no ball. We found a frisbee though, so we threw that around for an hour. We played with Elder Johnson and his comp. Elder's from Orem, his comp is from... well, Philippines. Then we went to go change and then go to work. We change, pray, leave the house, go to the terminal to catch a bus to go to our area since we don't live in our area, and... no bus. For an hour. No jeepney at night. So there was no way that we could work. I was super bummed out, but I guess all is well. I did some personal study instead and that was great. I've read I think 200 pages in the Book of Mormon this week. I've really learned a lot.

Tuesday we worked some much. We taught Darwin a less active. His brother actually just left for a mission this week. We taught him about obedience and that lesson was amazing! I cried... haha. What a baby. I was just telling him that he needs to come back to church because he's missing out on a ton of blessings. Then Elder Daplin shared about spirit prison... and Darwin's like... I don't want to go there. However, he still didn't come to church. So I don't know what to do anymore with him. Then we go to the other side of our area to teach Brother Despojo, the one that will be baptized either next week the 11 or the 18 we're still deciding, probably 18. Anyway, he wasn't home. He was in Bacolod. So that was a 15 peso motorcycle ride wasted. Also I fell off the motorcycle. The driver stalled going uphill, then he got scared and rather than just turning the wheel he rolled it back and then hit the brake. Then, off I go, Elder was able to stay on and the driver was fine. I was the only one off. Nothing happened, just some scraps and my left of hurts a bit, but I"m fine. haha. Cool story huh? Then we were teaching someone else later on and a bird pooped on my head! NOT MY DAY! However, we were walking down a street and I see this woman reading a book just under a street light thing. So I looked at the book and it was in English. And so I was like.... hm, let's see if she speaks English. So I said, Sister, do you speak English. She said, yes. She's a college student in Bacolod that comes home on the weekends. So I was like, cool. So I was able to teach her in English the Restoration. It was way good. We actually gave her a Book of Mormon. It's actually summer right now, so she doesn't go back to school for a bit, so I don't know what's going on. She's been busy the rest of the week though, so we haven't taught her after that one lesson.

On Wednesday I had exchanges in Toboso. It's a way cool place, like right on the beach. They room that we sleep in had an AIR CON! So i was able to sleep with it. It's super expensive, but the elder that I exchanged with is going home so he's got some money saved up, so he's paying a lot of the air con bill. So it was totally nice. I was also able to teach another investigator in Toboso in English too! Look at us go! Teaching in English is so nice, I can really just focus on the people and not what I'm saying. That's the hardest part. Thinking 1000000 things at one time. But I deal with it. haha. I was with Elder Mellama. He's way cool, from the southern Philippines where they speak Cebuano anyway, just like Elder Daplin, so he's really fluent.

Thursday was a poor day. I think I ate something bad and I wasn't feeling that good. Don't worry, all is well now! But just at the time, I was like... ugh! But I just prayed and received strength and then went right to work and had some great teachings. We contacted 2 less actives for the first time... they're catholic now they said, but they are baptized sooooo, nope! Mormons! We had some other lessons and they were good. Mostly to less actives. Less actives are so hard to teach because some are really stubborn and they say, yeah I'll read, yeah I'll come to church. Then... nothing!

Friday was a pretty good day. Weekly planning as usual which takes forever, but it's nice to do it and it makes things feel like they go fast. Every time we weekly plan it's like, wow I"m doing this again! So it's nice. Then Elder Daplin had a sakit, or something like he didn't feel well in his head or something. I'm not really sure, he always gets headaches and it's rather annoying, but I'm trying to deal with it. So I just study more while he lays down for a bit. So our work was really poor on Friday... Only a few lessons.

On Saturday it was national day of service. So we cleaned the whole day. At a elementary school. It was way fun and great day to serve and wear shorts outside! I love wearing shorts! haha. so hot, but so fun.

Sunday Abel passed his interview like I said and then we had a meeting Esacalante, well the zone leaders did, so I just tagged along. But yeah, the meeting i guess was for missionary work.

Sorry my letter isn't that great this week. The missionary couples are waiting at our apartment to give us a new water filter. I love you all and I can't wait to hear from you next week. Love y'all!

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