Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 2013

We were blessed that Elder Ellis was able to find an open Internet cafe on Mother's Day, which is Monday in the Philippines and a holiday because of elections.  They had to be off the streets by 4 p.m., so that gave us a little time to catch up! 
Elder Ellis is great and looks great!  Missing him tons, but he will celebrate 8 months in the field next Sunday.  He is blessed with a new companion, Elder Edem, who is from Cebu.  Elder Ellis is grateful to be a Senior companion, but also grateful that he can now practice his Cebuano even more. 
He did not write a letter this week, because we spent all of our time Skyping!  Thank heaven for technology.  Mother's Day was the best ever!
The Ondoy Family
Elder Despojo (getting baptized on Saturday 5/18/13)
Elders Edem (from Cebu) and Ellis
Sugar Cane fields on fire.
 Splitting wood by hand
 Helping to cut the wood for dinner at a member's home (background)
Learning to shimmy up coconut trees!
Mission package arrived!  It was well received.

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