Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 2: MTC Update

 Elder Garner & Elder Ellis
 Elder Summers & Elder Ellis
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Temple day!
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Dear Family,

How's everyone doing? I'm doing good. MTC life doesn't really change much. Sorry about the email that didn't go through last week. I uploaded to many pictures. Yes you can email me at this address. I can read them. I just can only respond to families. If anyone was wondering. But how y'all doin? I miss you guys! Okay, well here's an update:

We taught an "investigator", she was native Filipino. Her family still lives there and she was a referral from Salt Lake Mission. We taught her everything and committed her to baptism, then it turns out she's a fake and she's actually a return missionary from the Bacolod Mission. She goes to BYU and is married. So kind of a bummer, but in the end it taught us how to teach. The language is coming along pretty well. It's super fun to speak it in places where there are people because nobody has a clue what we are saying. I've got a really cool district. They're super awesome and fun! And they make learning the gospel fun.

The food isn't anything special for those who are wondering. I know Ashlyn was. I can only write letters and access my email on P-day, so just so everyone knows that. Yes I do get ALL the Dear Elders. Thanks so much for sending them. And keep them coming. I love mail. Okay, here's how Dear Elders work; If you send them before noon, I should get them that night. If you send it after I will get it the next day. Also I can't read them till 9:30 at night when I return to my room. They don't deliver them on Saturday's. I don't know why that's just what they do. So I can't get anything, but hand written letters on Saturdays.

This week we've been learning so much HIligaynon. I sit in the same class for hours!!!! a day! Literally hours. In the same desk starring at the same walls. It's depressing sometimes, but honestly it's fun to learn all this stuff. My Branch consists of a bunch of Portuguese speakers and before that's what they were doing sacrament in, but since we got here they changed it to English for us. So that's a good thing because I don't speak that. Our branch is super cool, everyone is super nice here and very supportive. 

Thanks for the care packages! I love them so much. It's fun to get packages. And thanks for the butterfingers, I guess it's a good thing that I told you that was my favorite candy before I left huh? Oh I got a cupcakes from Courtney this week! They were soooo good. And also my district loves me now for that. haha. Kind of funny! My district is awesome. Everyone is kinda the same, it's weird. There's an Aggie in my district too! So it's nice to talk about. We've got some of the same friends. 

Well keep the packages and things coming. Nothing really changes in the MTC! It's the same daily thing, just more language. This week we start teaching new investigators, 2 of them actually. We don't start teaching till tonight, so I don't know how that's going to go yet. But the language is coming along pretty well! 

My 1st companion is Elder Moore, he's from Brigham City. Wrestled in High school. Is about 5'2. Not kidding. haha. My other comp is Elder Robertson. He's from Sataquin, also wrestled in high school. So it gets pretty heated about wrestled conversations sometimes. I just bring up basketball and they're like... huh? Elder Garner and I have the same gym time and we ball up all these other kids. It's super fun just because we know each other and how we play so we usually waste. There are some really good kids though. 

So you've been canning apples??? Are they good? Apple jelly won't do much for me. I can't really do anything with it. 

I love you guys. Keep sending letters :) I like getting them. Read your scriptures! I'm in Mosiah Ch. 6 right now. Started 2 weeks ago. Let's race okay? Ready....... GO!


Elder Ellis

p.s I'll try and send pics. That's why my email didn't go through last week. Tried to send to many.

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