Monday, October 29, 2012

Can't wait to go to Philippines!

Dear Family,
Hey everyone! How are you doing? This week has been pretty good! Nothing too major. I'm starting to understand a lot more of the language. I am speaking about 6+ hours a day. We've made a goal anytime that we are in our classroom that we have to speak Hiligaynon so that's what we do now. So it's actually super fun and I'm getting a lot faster and a lot better in the language.
Most of you know I have 2 "investigators". One is now committed for baptism and the other just got FINALLY committed for church. The one that is committed for church was SO hard to get to pray to know if the Book of Mormon or the Church was true. He said that he didn't WANT to know because he was already getting criticism from his friends and his children because he has change churches a few times already. He was Catholic, the Baptist, and currently 7th day Adventist. Hopefully soon to be a member of the LDS Church. Anyway, then our teacher said that we were done with the investigator and he have us new ones. Then he told us that this was a real investigator that he taught in the Philippines. It's kind of hard to explain the story and he can't really even explain it and here's why:
       So, when my teacher, Bro. Stokes, was in the field he met this guy. He wanted to know more about our church. So he gave him a Book of Mormon and a Joseph Smith pamphlet. After that they met with him and taught him a little more. He'd read a lot of the Book of Mormon he never would pray about it. They'd say okay do it tonight, he said that he would, but he never would pray to know if it was true. So, Brother Stokes, or Elder Stokes, after about 3 lessons of him not following through with praying during the lesson said, "We're going to have you pray right now to know if this is true." Not too much our of the ordinary. However, here at the MTC he's used this investigator twice for role plays. Both times the missionaries have challenged him to pray right in the middle of the lesson! Elder Evans and I, and also the missionaries before us. Is that totally weird! Without even knowing the back story or what really happened with this investigator we did the EXACT same thing. I think it's awesome. Who would've known. Our teacher, Bro Stokes, said that they actually ended up dropping him because he never actually did come to church. He doesn't know what happened to him at all. Too bad he's in IloIlo somewhere or I'd go find him and teach him so more.
I had a really good Sunday yesterday. There was a lot of things that I learned. Oh... I sang in Sacrament by the way, if anyone wanted to know. I did an Ocapella quartet with 3 others Elder's. "Abide with Me, tis Even Tide". Super good song. We didn't do super hot though, someone didn't know what their notes were (in the tenor section), but that's okay. The spirit was there and that's what matters right?! Right! We plan on getting better at it and trying out for a devotional, which is in front of ALL the missionaries here.

Some really good information! I complete the Book of Mormon on Saturday! How cool?? In 6 weeks cover to cover! :) It's such and amazing book and so many things about OUR DAY can be learned from it. I love the Book of Mormon. And it is a TRUE BOOK! If anyone has doubts I'd direct them to the Moroni Promise because that's what it's all about. If you read this book, and pray about it, there is a promise given that you will feel the power of the Holy Ghost manifest that it's true unto you. So I encourage you all to do that.
Congrats to Rob and Brock on their mission calls by the way! That's totally awesome! And thanks for forwarding me Elder Nickell's letter :) Elder Bice has also written me back. So I have been in contact with them. Is there anyway someone can get me Jordan Allen's address? Also thanks a lot for sending me those pictures. They're are soooo cool. Elder Garner seems to be doing really well. Thanks so much for the package. I have TONS of food, so y'all don't have to send me anymore of that haha. Just send letters. I love hearing from people. It's so much fun to hear what's going on out there. How's Utah State doing by the way? I have no idea what's going on, well obviously.
We get a new group of Hiligaynon speaking missionaries on Wednesday. We're so excited. Right now there are only 18 that speak it here at the MTC and it'll be nice to get more of them. So we're pretty excited for that. We've made a goal to only speak Hiligaynon to them. So that's good and it'll get them to learn a lot faster.
I love y'all! I miss y'all like crazy! Hope the dog is okay. OHHHH I have a question. Y'all said you sent me some pictures, but that only picture I got was of Sam, Coach Simmons, and some other soccer girls and a police officer, does someone wanna explain that one? Or did I get a wrong picture. So just let me know :) Thanks so much! I love you. Be good. Keep reading your scriptures and saying your prayers! When basketball season rolls around I want pictures okay? Love you!
Elder Ellis
Maeser boys heading to the Philippines

Snagged pics from his mission president.  No transporting laws in Philippines?

Cab anyone?

Another choice in public transportation.

And another choice in public transportation.

Mission President prepares home for Christmas.  These are made out of  oyster shells.  They have named them Ammon, Aaron, Omni, and Himner.
He's supposed to collect autographs from all his companions throughout his time as a missionary.

Elder Evans & Elder Ellis

Elder Ellis loves mail!  I see he got his new tie.

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