Friday, September 28, 2012

Our first email from the MTC

Pamiliya KO!

Hey! How is everyone doing??? I'm super excited to be writing you. I'm just sitting in the laundry room! I love you guys. Thanks so much for the package. Y'all are awesome.

On Wednesday I got dropped off. Then  I went and put my stuff down and was rushed to class. When I got right outside of my classroom i hear someone yell, "ELDER ELLIS!" It was Elder Garner. He was in the room right next to me. So we hugged and we were like super excited to see each other. So that was super good. My class, everything was in Hiligaynon, so within 20 minutes of getting dropped off, I was already being shouted out because I didn't understand. Not really, but it was pretty frustrating if you know what I mean. I'm in a three-some companionship. Interesting. That's for sure. My district consists of Elder's going to Illio Illio and Bacolod missions. There are 11 of us. I'm in the 3.
Our ward is nothing but porteguse speakers, I don't think I spelled that right. Anyway, so they changed to ward to english for us now so that we all understand.
Thanks for the care package, the food here isn't that great. So it's really good and I was grateful! So thanks. Also thanks for your letters. I wrote everyone back who wrote me one. Send me some pictures of the family if you would please. Mom, no I cannot access the blog, only my LDS mail account. I've seen everyone, Elder Garner, Elder Smith, Elder Ellis, a few others, some that you don't know and such. It's been way good! I love the MTC.
P-Day is monday! So today... we went to the temple this morning. Dad texted Courtney? haha. That's super funny! Dad, I'm in room 6M-103, so I don't remember where you were living. I started my language right after I got here, I guess I answered that earlier. Sorry, we are super limited on time here so I'm just trying to tell you everything that I know really quick.
Hey, so if you could send me just some shirt from my room, I didn't realize we had gym every single day. There isn't a choir for General Conference. Oh hey mom I got a Flu Shot and I didn't even Cry! Aren't you sooo proud!
We have an investigator, Jeanette. She is super interested in the gospel and we're teaching her really well. She speak non English, so everything is in Hiligaynon. It's super fun and interesting. I love Hiligaynon, I really miss English, but you know I gotta learn this language.
How are the girls? Everything still going okay at home? Did you like the Temple Dedication. Pres. Packer was so funny!! haha.
I hope that the pictures get to you. Keep Dear Elder'ing me. I love getting letters. It's really awesome. However, it's a district rule that we can't open them up even until we get back to our room at night. So I can have a letter in my hand at 4pm and I can't even open it until 9:30ish. totally hard to do. But I haven't broken a rule yet. Just like the Stake Pres. told me not too.
Tell everyone hi for me. I love you all. The MTC is such a spiritual place. And I honestly love it. I'm learning so much. I've found a new and great appreciation for Joseph Smith. He's such an amazing man. And I've found that missions can change lives. Like the 2,060 Stripling Warriors, there ancestors were taught by Sons of Mosiah, and because they went on a mission, there was just so many great things that came from it. I love you all!

Kabalo ako nga matuod ang Simbahan ni Jesucristo sang mga Santos sa Ulihing mga adlaw. Kabalo ako nga mapinalangganon ang aton Amay nga Langitnon. Mtruod propeta si Joseph Smith. Kabalo ako nga propeta si Thomas S. Monson. Pagalangga ako sang pamiliya! Amen! :)


Your Missionary Elder Ellis

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