Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Feb 17th -Transferred to San Enrique with Elder Urgelles

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, I don't have much time this morning because I received a phone call last night telling me that I will be transferring. This morning I looked on my missionary thing and I'll be transferring to San Enrique Branch in La Carlota Zone. My companion is Filipino. It's an Ilanggo area, so I will be speaking that again. Which, not to excited about, but not my choice. Elder Wilstead, Pulsipher, and Gibbons will be in my zone again! So there are very good upsides to this transfer. I've asked Elder Wilstead how my companion is and so far I've only heard good things from him and Elder Pulsipher. So looks like I'm saying goodbye to Escalante. Which is sad because we were having baptisms the next 4 weeks in a row! So, I'm super bummed about it. The Buenavista kids passed their interview yesterday, so they will be baptized on Saturday at 2pm. I was going to baptize them, but not anymore. Sister Melanie Aberido will be interviewed the next Sunday and should totally be fine for baptism! The week after, Sister Vivian, she's doing so great and reading and praying and doing awesome and should be ready for the 8th. Then our other investigator Judy Lausa, will be baptized on March 15! So we've got it lined up perfect and then I'm transferring. It's all good I guess, it's just my luck, but it's cool. 

This week was good, we had some good lessons, but we really struggled finding new people this week. Transferring will be good for me though, so I'm happy. San Enrique was Elder Robertson's first area and Elder Sobreviga's 2nd area. I've heard it's a rough area, but after being in Mabini, I think I can pretty much go anywhere and be happy. I was really surprised that I'm transferring, but I guess somethings got to be going on big, because all the former Zone Leaders that are in the zone are getting pulled out and moved. I know 2 of us are going to La Carlota Zone. So, I'm just going to ask for your prayers and hoping that all will be well which I'm sure it will be! I don't know if I'll be able to shoot you off another email this afternoon when I get to my new area or not. If not, I'm sorry... I'll be able to email you next week! haha. I love you! Thanks! Talk to you next week. Sorry for a terrible email. haha. 

Elder Ellis

Hey, I got here in San Enrique. My companion is Elder Urgelles. So far so good. Apartment isn't bad, pretty good condition. It's an upstairs apartment so it's decent. Right on the highway though so it gets dusty about ever single day it seems. So far I've heard terrible things about the area, but putting them out of my mind. 50+ only attending church and people not progressing. Looks like they need some Elder Ellis up in these parts. Love you mom. I'll have a better report next week for sure. My companion and I haven't emailed President yet today, so we're doing it now. I'm sure you're asleep. Just wanted to let you know I'm safe. Love you mom! ;)

Elder Ellis
Annalou's baptism

Jessica doing her laundry

Look, I can climb coconut trees!

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