Thursday, August 1, 2013

July 28th--Transfer week

Sa Pamiliya ug mga amigo nako,

Kamusta kamo diha karon? Tani okay pa kamo. Naa pa ako dinhi sa Mabini. Sa kini nga semana mao ang transfer week. Siguro magtransfer ko. Mayjo sure jud ko nga, magtransfer ko, pero, ayos lang. Kay, basi ang mga iban nga Area's kinahanglan nila ako didto sa ila. Ang mga tawo nga andum sila para sa ebanhelyo ni JesusKristo. Cga, sa kini nga semana, budlay kaayo. Waay mga tawo sa simbahan sa domino. 54 lang. Sang ligad, 96. Meyjo suko ko sa mga tawo dinhi, pero, representative pa ako ni JesusKristo, so bawal na. 

So... Sam scratched my car? On the passenger side. Thanks. 
Elder Edem & Elder Ellis
If you can't understand what I said above I'm sorry. I just wanted you so see the language that I'm speaking for a little bit. I'm still not that great, but it's coming along pretty well. This week is transfer week and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to transfer. I received a text from President Lopez asking if Elder Edem was leading the are 100 percent. I then asked, is he supposed to because I"m the senior, so I'm supposed to lead. Then he said, train him to lead the area. Then I asked, so does that mean he's transferring as joke and President's reply was, Elder, wrong question. Meaning, Elder Edem's not transferring. I'm transferring. So that's what I"m thinking so far. So next week I'll probably be in a different place. Maybe still here in Escalante zone, that's what seems to kind of happen. Let's hope not though... A new place would be nice. I'm praying San Carlos zone. It's still Cebuano, but it's more of a city. I'm liking the Cebuano now that it's better than my Illongo. I'm afraid to go back to an Illongo area. This week was not good really. We've been experience rain storms all week, the whole area is flooded in the mountains. It's hard to get to certain places, like up to Paitain because the motorcycles can't make it up the mountain when it rains a ton. So we've had a rough week with contacting people. Also this week we had a President Training here just for our zone. It was good.

Monday nobody wanted to play basketball. I was a bit upset. Nobody replied to our text we sent out to tell people to come and play. So all we did was shopping and then we went home and then a rain storm came. Nobody wanted to play ping pong either. So yeah, it wasn't that fun of P-day at all. I only bought a little bit of groceries, because I still had some left over from last week. So nothing to write home about for Monday.


Tuesday we had our Zone Training with President. Did you see any picture by chance? Are there any on his Facebook? He taught us that we need to set up a 15 min appointment with a certain family at the same time every week so that we're constantly teaching. We'd teach them a simple message, strengthen their faith and then they'd start to trust us and we'd build a relationship with them. However, here in Mabini, we do enough walking that we go from one appointment to another. We never have nothing to do, so that's going to be super hard to apply here in our area. However, we'll try to do our best and apply the guidance of President Lopez. We have a new investigator, not really that new, but she's been in some of the lessons with the Diana Family, but we've been teaching her now with Mary Ann. They are friends. Her name is Leah. We taught her about how the Gospel blesses families. And who God and Jesus Christ actually are. For everyone being Catholic, they all suck at knowing who these people actually are. They believe in Jesus, but they can't tell you one thing about him. And they all call him "Papa Jesus". So... yeah. It's interesting. So now we've really got to focus on, "no Jesus isn't your dad, he's actually your brother. If Jesus was your dad... then who is God to you? Nothing." So all their rationalization doesn't make sense one bit. We also taught Shena. We taught her the first part of the Plan of Salvation. It's one of the hardest things to teach honestly. But we think she got it for the most part. It's not the in baptismal interview questions, so it's not something we need to target largely before baptism. However, we should still teach it so after baptism they're not totally like, what the heck is this thing? Shena is doing great actually. She let's us teach her every other night and she's really nice and accepting. We still teach with her friend Guia. However, this week Sunday was registration to vote, so she had to go register for that... and wasn't able to go to church, which is okay. 
Guia, Elder Ellis, & Shena
Wednesday we taught all less actives. We didn't do this on purpose, it was only accident. All the part members that there are, the non member wasn't at the home, so we ended up just teaching less actives all day. The Lumantad Family we taught the Plan of Salvation and they had no clue what it was... hm... And they've been members for 5 years. So that was good that we reviewed it! We taught Ernesto Ondoy, the leader of illegal gambling here in Mabini, also a member, about 2 Ne 9:51, which is about spending your money wisely. The Despojo's weren't home, nor at church, I"m sad to say, but I really hope they don't go less active... :( The Desuyo's were home, however, Brother, the non member wasn't. So we actually taught them the same money lesson. The Mom and the Son and the Dad all drink coffee every night. We told them to pull out a piece of paper, and a pen. They did. The mom did at least, Dad wasn't there. We asked the mom, "How many coffee sachet's do you buy a day." She said 3. Then add the cream that 3 too. Okay, so then how much is that each. 3 pesos. Okay. So now we're at 18 pesos a day, just on coffee and creamer. We asked how many days a week... EVERYDAY! Okay, no do the math. Then, how many years Sister, she said for 16 years. AYOS! So we pretty much did all the math, I don't remember the exact numbers. Anyway, the number we ended up with was 144,000 pesos, just on coffee. So... yeah. Maybe they'll start changing their ways if they're smart, but we'll see. They're super poor, so I don't understand their logic sometimes when they say, but Elder, it's good. Yeah but you're complaining you have no money to buy Rice, but you're buying Coffee every single day. You could buy 3 kilo's a week if you didn't buy coffee... so I"m not feeling any mercy towards your family. We also taught the Bawaan's about the Restoration. The father returned last week, but the Mom missed last week so she didn't return. Neither of them were at church this week, maybe because of the rain. We also taught Sister Dumdum and her family about the Plan of Salvation, the last part about where we go after we die. It was a good lesson because we can talk about it in more depth because they know these things. It was cool. 
Lumantad family
Desuyo family
Trujillo Family
Thursday we were super punted all day however still we taught Sister Jorolan about the Word of Wisdom. She doesn't have any problems with it and committed to live it. We just wish she'd get married. IF that happened, we'd baptize her the next day. Honestly. We then taught Leah again, this time about the Prophets. She didn't really understand. I think she's more interested in dude good looking young men talking, one being American speaking Cebuano, than actually about the material. So we're gonna try and fix that. Maybe it's a good thing that I might transfer. We also had an appointment with Shena where we taught her the kingdoms of glory. That's the hardest thing to explain because the Catholic's believe in Purgatory... which we as members of the true church know it doesn't exist. So that's always a concern that comes up with teaching new people. It was still good though and she's still progressing well. 

Friday did our weekly planning session and I helped Elder Edem plan to take over the area. So he's nervous, but he'll do fine. That's if i transfer. But we were only about to teach one less active, the Bawaan Family. We also watched their Filipino eagle which is way cool. We taught them about the Book of Mormon. The mom can't read that well, she can't see that well. But the dad can, so we told him to read to his wife. The we attended Seminary, which we're going to start doing every Friday to try and get the young going in their missionary work. It's working so far and we've planned a church tour for this coming Friday so that they can bring their friends. Then we had our dinner appointment at President Dalaguit's. We show up and there's like 30 people in his house. Anyway, turns out it's his birthday so all his family is there. It was way cool and we talked with some people and we got a potential investigator out of it. She was also a former investigator, it's the niece of President.