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August 18th--Case of the Dengue Fever

Dear Friends and Family,
This week has definitely been one of the busiest weeks my entire mission. Just to start off the week, I was sick. I had a fever of 102. At the same time we were trying to make arrangements to go to Bacolod, so that we could get Hayden and Donna married. After that, we got news they needed to be baptized the same day. Then, Elder Garcia got sick. Now I'm fine. Then Elder Hegan got Dengue, he's in the hospital now, but he's still okay, all should be well. So I've been playing momma and getting medicine and things because here in these hospitals they don't give you medicine, you have to go buy it first then give it to the nurses who will then give it to the patient. Don't get me started, totally backwards, but yeah. Mom, please do not put this email on the blog yet because we're trying not to let Elder Hegan's mother know yet. He's going to tell her or President will tell her, so don't mention anything on facebook or my blog. Just in case his mom finds out. President doesn't want his momma to worry. But yeah, I'll just start into my week and maybe everything will make more sense.
We had out P-day. We actually played basketball which we do every p day which is why I love my new zone. Everyone wants to play and so it's really good and it makes me happy. I swear the rim was only 9.5 feet though because my shot was way off. I don't know why. So it wasn't that fun, but yeah, I still love basketball. Then we had a really good family home evening with the Tiva family. They are way cool and it was Sister Tiva's birthday so we had some food and it was a nice evening. Sister Tiva's daughter is Freddy's wife. So we had an investigator are the Family Home evening. Freddy is way chill around us now. With the week because crazy though, we only taught him twice this week. He's supposed to be done drinking coffee, but we haven't had a chance to talk to him yet, that's going to be our plan to go over there tonight and make sure that he's good to go. He should be baptized on the 31st, so in like 2 weeks almost. We then were trying to follow up with President Ballon, the person who can marry Donna and Hayden. He wouldn't text us back, so we then text President Lopez, because everyone listens to President Lopez. So after working out some sly tricks up Elder Ellis' sleeve. It turns out that President Ballon needed us to email all the marriage documents to him the next day. So... I'll tell you about that.

Family Home Evening
We did our morning studies and then went to Hayden and Donna's and got all their marriage documents. Then we went to this place where we can scan the documents. I can't just do it in an office or anything. There's like this public place where we can do things like this... Yeah, it's cool here in the Philippines. So we had them put them on a USB. Then we went to the computer shop and uploaded the files. Then we emailed them to President Lopez who would them email them to President Ballon. So... now we wait. Remember we're trying to get them married on Thursday and so far we're still unsure of everything.
After doing all that we decided to teach some people. We taught Jonnalyn, the recent convert. She had a question about her reading in the Book of Mormon about the Brass Plates. So we then taught about what's in the Brass Plates and it's right in the Book of Mormon. It'll tell you everything you need to know. So it was nice because they now understand that part. It's nice when you know what you're reading about because then it can make more personal sense to you. After teaching her we went and got some lunch, then we went to another appointment. Susana. This is our Tagalog speaker. I'm really picking up some Tagalog and it's coming along well. Talk about the gift of tongues. When there's an Illango speaker I can switch to it. Cebuano switch... and yeah, Tagalog I only try, but I'm still working on it. haha. Susana is doing well, with all the craziness this week we were only able to meet with her one time. But we taught about the real way to pray. She was goes to the prayer circle at the catholic little thing every night and they all do hail mary prayer. I asked her how she prays for things that she needs if she only does that one prayer. She confused herself because obviously... it's not the correct way to pray. So we then taught her the real way to pray and then invited her to district conference. She didn't come though. We committed her to pray about our message and about Joseph Smith and read from the Book of Mormon. Her sister and the family are all members, so they can help. However, I think the dad and her get in arguments because of the different religions. So... yeah, we've been asking the sister to help us out because she's nicer and sealed to her husband and he's an RM. And from IloIlo and an Illango so she's cool. haha! Right after that lesson we receive a text from the San Carlos 2 missionaries. Elder Hegan and Elder Sobreviega. However, Elder Gibbons was on exchanges so he's the one that texted me. ANyway, he said the Elder Hegan has Dengue, the mosquito disease. And needed some things from the store. So we went and got them for him. Then we went to their house and we talked to Elder Gibbons for a little bit and then after that yeah... that was the whole day after all that was done.
We woke up and I text President Lopez to follow up on our marriage email thingy. Keep in mind, we're trying to go to Bacolod TOMORROW. And we have no positive yes that we can go yet from President Ballon. President Lopez then told me that Bacolod was out of power for 12 hours last night and Pres. Ballon didn't get a chance to look at the email but would get back to us later... GRRR!!!! You know me, I hate to not have a plan... so by this point I'm freaking out a little bit. And I already have a headache and I'm sick. And pretty sure I had a fever. We kept teaching anyway. Kier, the boy that we've been teaching, isn't really progressing. I don't really want to keep him as a focus, but Elder Garica thinks he has potential so if we are in the area, we'll teach him. We then taught Raymond, another Tagalog speaker. We taught him about church and just how it can bless him. We retaught lesson 1, the Restoration and about Joseph Smith. It was a good lesson and he seems to understand. But... still didn't come to church on Sunday. Then we taught Freddy, who is doing really good. He's only drank coffee one time this week and so he's doing well. We'll follow today and see if it's done. After teaching him I started feeling sick again. So I just said Elder I need to take some medicine at the house. Anyway, I did and then what happened??? I checked my temperature. I have a 102 temp. So.. I just laid down for a little bit. I'm still waiting for the text from President Lopez saying that we can come to Bacolod tomorrow for the wedding!!!!! So I'm freaking out, totally stressed and the day just sucks! So I just slept for a little bit. I was awoken by a text from President Lopez!!!! "Elder Ellis, tell me what day you want and I'll make it happen" AYOS!!!! Thank you President Lopez, so then I told him, if possible can we do it tomorrow. He text me back and said he'd make arrangements. So then we went to Donna and Hayden's... now remember I've still got my fever and I feel terrible, but I walked to their house for the 2 Kms because I love them! So then we told them that we're going tomorrow. They're like freaking out! WHAT! We haven't told my father yet, said Donna! OHHHHH!!!!! I'm flipping because if Daddy doesn't know, then grabe ba, it's not happening. Anyway, long story short...
We woke up early and made sure that they were going to go tell Daddy. So they did and we then went and got some breakfast. My sickness was gone thankfully. I was hoping for a miracle. The Anderson couple was then coming to San Carlos with the mission van and we were all going to go to Bacolod. The Bride, the groom, us, then 2 members from the ward and the some family members. We go to Bacolod and go to the 5th Ward Chapel and there they were married. I'll send you some pictures. After that President Ballon then asked me, "So Elder, they're going to be baptized today?" I said, "No, just on Saturday like normal baptisms." He then proceeded to tell me that they need to be baptized tonight because the date on the marriage certificate needs to match the date on the baptism. I said, why does that matter and he just said, it needed to be done. So... then I think... okay. So he's only got a permit to marry members of the church!!!! That's why they need to be baptized today! So... we text the whole branch! We let them know that we have a baptism that night. The branch is amazing and the Branch President was awesome and responded well! I love President Pojas! He's amazing as a Branch President. So we filled up the font and then prepared a program for the baptism and wow. It was successful! The baptism was great and everyone had a great time and very spiritual. I'll send you pictures. Just think... We through a wedding and a baptism together in the matter of like 1 day. Talk about stress, but holy cow, it rocked! President was thrilled.
Bus Ride to Bacolod
Hayden and Donna Dahildahil

We had our Zone Training with President Lopez! It was super good and we are now authoized to use FACEBOOK!!! Elder Garcia and I have a facebook account actually. Okay, here are the rules, there will be pictures and things on the facebook. I'm allowed to use it 1 hour a day. You can look at it if you find it. However, NO MESSAGES. NO COMMENTS. NO LIKES. NO POSTING. It's an open account, so you can look, but we will not add you as friends if you request. Our name is San Carlos BranchOne. It's used to finding investigators and to help the branch do missionary work. It's a good idea and so yeah, that's kinda the new thing that we're allowed to do now for an hour a day. In the early afternoon usually because that's when we teach less people because they are all sleeping anyway. So it's cool. Also about visiting members and teaching them and President spoke in District Conference about that too, about having the members having us over and teaching them the missionary lessons. Or just reading the Book of Mormon with them. My interview with President was good. He actually knows Mom's name. Sister Lopez knows mom's FULL name! Because of facebook I'm assuming... how often does mom look at that? haha.The interview he just asked me how I'm doing and how we're doing with the work. He was happy with us because I guess we're baptizing. So yeah, it was good. Then... Elder Garcia got sick. HAHA. So... back to the house. Elder Garcia can barely breathe! However, after resting a little bit, we went to the seminary and taught them about missionary work and asked for referrals and did some other cool stuff with them.

I studied, but Elder Garcia was still sick. Then we received a text... "Elder's return the key back to the clerk ASAP-President Lopez" haha Oops. We're not supposed to have the key to the church... so yeah, we borrowed it for the baptism and then for the zone training because I was the one who had to open the church on Friday morning. So we returned the key, grabbed some lunch and then returned home so Elder Garcia could rest. Until we were interrupted by another text, "Elders, can you come to the hospital. Elder Hegan is in the ER" Oh boy... so then to the hospital. We had to run and get meds and then go to their house and get stuff for them and then we checked him into a room and everything. So yeah. It was all that day at the hospital and running around trying to get meds and stuff for him. Since His companion can't leave... the hospital here is so backwards. You have to buy the meds here, pay at a different place, then give to someone else... so weird. And... yeah, I'm not going to get into politics on this one... But this is what America wants? Please... No. Please.


Elder Garcia stayed with Elder Hegan at the hospital so the Elder Sobreviega could keep track of investigators and things at District Conference. So Elder Sobreviega and I went to it together. It was good. Elder Nobleza of the area 70 was there and presided. He was way funny. All Illango, so it was good that I went and not Elder Garcia, because he doesn't speak Illango. After church was back to the hospital. President Lopez swung by and brought us burger's that were really good! They were real beef so we were so thankful. At least I was... But the rest of the Sunday was spent at the hospital running errands again, with medicine and everything.

 District Conference
So yeah. This week was very unproductive for missionary except for the fact that we had 2 baptisms this week! But it's been a good week though because I feel like finally I've done something good. I do know that God answers prayers and that the Church is true. It's just the braking point that we need to keep pushing and pushing and pushing. When we feel like giving up, that's when we've gotta give it that last ditch effort and push that last little bit. It's like hiking a mountain. When we're close to the top, that's when we get the most tired. I'm not going to lie. I'm wasted tired. I could honestly sleep to 3 days straight. But the work is what keeps me going and it's amazing! I know for myself that enduring our trials is soooo important. I've seen it for myself. First hand. I love it! I love this work. I love y'all back home. Thanks for all the support!

Blake suffered through another ingrown, except this time he was the podiatrist to remove it!

Elder Ellis

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