Monday, December 17, 2012

Faith is Essential

Dear Family,
A couple of items of business first. Wow, sorry Elder Clubb on the medical release. That must be super hard. Everything will work out though. Happy Birthday to Courtney! 20! I can't believe about the Connecticut thing... that's super scary. Also congrats to the Blue and White of Utah State!!! WHOOOO! Okay, back to the missionary things.
Our ZL's had a baptism on Friday so they asked permission to switch Zone Conference to later date because it was a wedding/baptism, so Zone Conference is today and tomorrow.  What an eventful day for those two.  So we're going to Bacolod later today, so that should be fun.
I've had a lot of up and down days. Some days are amazing, then some days are just not so good at all. So here we go:
Mission Christmas party food


P-Day. Emailed y'all and did all that fun stuff.  Later I went and got the best haircut of my LIFE! The straight edge EVERYTHING! So my hair looks super awesome right now. We were going to play basketball, but then all the "Agi's" where playing volleyball so we couldn't play so we just talked. Later that night we went to the Perez family for FHE. That was fun. I actually encourage you to have FHE every week on Monday nights. The reason why is because it brings families closer together. The games that we play here are super cheesy, but they are so much fun, so just look up some games on the Internet. Always play games and always have food every Monday. It's something that I'm going to do with my future family. Every single Monday, have FHE. It's awesome and I love it.
We had a district meeting and that was super fun. We got some ideas on how to get more of our members at church, so that was good.  Later I went on exchanges where I got put with our District Leader,  Elder Bermudez, who is a great missionary. His area is Manapla. It's north of Victorias. It's also where Elder Garner lives, so I got to have a sleep over with him for a night which was fun. Manapla is right on the beach--Super, super pretty place! My language was AWESOME! I taught some principles about scriptures. The spirit was super strong in our lessons and it was super nice to learn a couple of things from him.
Exchanged back to Victorias. Nothing really that big happened Wednesday EXCEPT we've got our two investigators committed for a baptismal date. January 12! WHOO! We're hoping all works out there so that it can happen on that day. We keep praying.  We also did another FHE for a family. Their son reported to the MTC on Saturday. He's going to the Laoag Mission. He was our Ward Mission Leader. His Dad works all over the world, but currently he's been stationed in Angola, Africa so we got to meet him, I'm not sure the last time he was home. He's fluent in English, Portuguese, and Arabic?? I think.  He was way cool to meet.

Honestly, I think his day nothing happened. We worked our pants off and only got 3 teachings. Our area is quite large and so we do spend a lot of time walking. I've lost some weight, noticeably, so it's been good walking everywhere and sweating to death. That's pretty much Thursday. I did teach a pretty good lesson on faith. I've found that I need to have more faith. I've been lacking a little bit in our investigators, but also in myself and being here, so I've been doing a lot of studying about faith and how I can use it more. It's been a blessing.

Our Ward Mission Leader had his farewell today, so we worked and then went and said goodbye to him. He's a great guy, so it's hard to see him go. He helped us out a lot, but he's needed somewhere else right now. He'll be a great Elder.

Again, worked all day and nothing really big happened; however, I did teach about Faith again. I've found that when I was studying about Faith that I can use it in my lessons with investigators too, so that's been really good. The lesson I taught about it must have helped because they hadn't come to church since I've been here, then on Sunday, they were at CHURCH! YEAH!

I fasted today. I fasted for a few reasons, but one of them was help in the language. During my fast, during companionship study I was supposed to invite Elder Doverte (who was pretending to be an investigator) to pray--invite to pray about our message or just in general. He said that my language was great and amazing. I didn't really think it was, but I guess it was so I've been blessed a little bit.  I'll continue to pray for the gift of tongues. It'd be nice if there was a nice dictionary in this language. Oh well I guess......
Missionary ornament given to us from Courtney (he does look like Blake)!

Here's some other things I want to write and let you know:

1. Your homework assignment is to read Mormon 5:15. And report.
2. Ellis in Illango mean "to change your clothes" hahaha
3. I talked to an American this week. He's from Michigan, but married a girl from Victorias and they're visiting. haha. He's a pretty big Catholic though... so I tried to teach him a little about our church, but he wasn't very receptive. That's okay though. We were supposed to meet for a reason, you never know right??
4. I'm American, so we get some pretty cool opportunities to teach people in the street. People just look at me, then we go talk to them.
5. I've also finished the Book of Mormon! :) For the 2nd time since my mission. I finished it on the 16th! :) The Book is true. Read it and pray about it. It'll change your life!

I love y'all! I miss you like crazy. People here love American music. It really messes with my head sometimes when I just hear a song and it makes me think of home. Now I know why they don't let us listen to music here you know?? haha. Don't worry. I'm following all the rules :) Be safe. Merry Christmas!

Elder Ellis

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