Monday, December 3, 2012

Praying for the Gift of Tongues

Dear Family,

This week has been pretty good. You're probably wondering how the language is coming and I'm here to tell you that it's coming, but coming at a very slow pace. I can understand some people, like my companion, but here a lot of people that I haven't a clue what they say. And then I look at Elder Doverte and ask, "So... what did they just say" So it's pretty good. This language is rough. There's a lot of shortcut's and words and things, that I still haven't gotten a clue about. So I think it'll take me longer than I actually thought, but I pray for the gift of tongues every time that I pray, so I hope that this language kicks in pretty soon. All is well though, I have faith and the Lord takes care of his missionaries right. I wouldn't be here if the Lord knew that I couldn't learn this language.

Happy Birthday to Ashlyn and Sam! Tell me about your dates before you go on them because I need to approve. To all the boys who take them on a date, remember I know all things and if something happens I've got connections in Utah still, so don't think because I'm gone all is well. I've honestly slept like a ROCK here! I haven't had a problem sleeping one single bit, I honestly come home, we do daily planning, I write in my journal and then I crash! So it's pretty crazy. Then I just repeat. So, I haven't had a problem sleeping here at all! Dad was asking how my journal writing is, so I'll just let you know. I write in it every single night. About 2 pages. So yes, my memories will last forever! Another thing that was asked about my weight. Yes, I know that I'm too big haha. However, I'm not going to tell you how much lose because I want to surprise you when I get home. So that'll be fun right? So maybe you can tell in pictures that I send home, but as for now, I'm never going to tell. Also, Ashlyn there's a song that is famous here that you need to Youtube. It's called "Gangnam Style". It's in Korean I believe, but it's a cool song and it has a cool dance. I already know the dance, well sort of. I'm not allowed to watch it, but I learn from other members and missionaries. I went to a birthday "party" this week for a member and there all the kids said that I look like Santa! I'm not THAT fat right? But to Filipino's I'm a pretty big dude. I get called "Tambok" (meaning chubby) all the time. It's soooo funny! But once I get my 6-pack, They won't be laughing. Your packages haven't come yet, the only thing I've gotten since I've been here is that first package from Courtney. So hopefully soon I guess? I don't know. I don't know what even goes on, I just work.

Okay, now for the missionary portion of the letter. We walk miles and miles a day, not really even joking. Riding on Tri-ci-cabs is starting to be fun I guess, they're super cheap to ride and they'll take you anywhere. This week we taught a part member family. Most of the family is baptized, but the son isn't. So we're teaching him right now. He came to church this week and we were super happy! So amazing! We had 4 investigators at church this week. We still don't have any committed for baptism, so we're hoping that we can teach a little better, well at least for me because I can barely speak, so I'm working on that. Some members at church this week told me when there was some Elder named Elder Jensen here he had so many people at church. About 40 more than there is right now, so that sort of made me feel a little bad, but I'm not compare myself. I'm here to work. Since we walk a lot it gives us a lot of opportunities to talk to a lot of different people, we hand out pamphlets that explain pretty basic what we teach, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Plan of Salvation. So it depends. I'm not that good at talking to people, so I'll usually start talking and then just let Elder Doverte take over because I don't know what is being said to me. But again, I'm learning. I'm actually having fun while working. It's weird and hard to explain, but things are sort of fun sometimes while working! Elder Garlick, one of the ZL's that lives in my house, he goes home tomorrow, so after he leaves, guess who's the only white guy in the whole city of Victorias! THIS ELDER! So that's going to be really fun! We've tried really hard to get a lot of less actives, and part members at church. It's tough, but I know that it's possible. We've tried to point out the blessings that come from going to church and how you can receive revelation at church for yourself and your family. This work is super hard, hours are long, it's hot, sweaty all the time. My face is getting really beat up too just because I sweat so much, but hey, you wanna know something? I'm super happy doing it. The members here are amazing in Victoria's. We get fed a lot, surprising actually. So it's super good. I love the food here, It's different. I've actually eaten fish a couple of times now and it's not that bad. I used to really hate it, but I've learned to like it. One of the members made a stuffed fish the other day, like Dad does the stuffed Turkey. It was super super good! So don't think I'm starving here or anything okay?


It's super hard to email pictures home, so I'm super sorry about that. I'm going to have to print them here and just send them to you. We email from a computer store, so who knows what can happen and I don't want anything to happen to my pictures you know, so I'm going to just print and mail some home. So expect some within the next month. (haha... Month) I can't believe how much time it takes to get stuff to the U.S from here.

I love y'all! Hope everything is going well back home. If you want anything just start making a list, I can get some really cheap stuff here, like pants, shirts, etc. So just let me know. I miss y'all so much. Especially with Christmas coming around the corner. I hope y'all have so much fun in Island Park snowmobiling without me. :( I'll be preaching the good word. Merry Christmas! Hope your packages come :)

Elder Ellis

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