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5.26.14 Cool Things Happen on Missions

Dear Readers,,,, :)

How's everyone doing so far??? I hope that all is well with y'all back home and you're all just really kicking it. School is over and now you get to all have fun and start your summer vacations! That's so exciting! I hope that you all have a great summer and work hard and save all your money Sam and Ash; that way you have money during the school year because you're going to want to do things and soon... you'll find yourself with no money. Haha! But seriously, y'all have a great summer. I'm just gonna keep kickin it on this island for the next 3+ Months ;) haha. Do y'all have anything fun planned so far though, or just going to work all summer? I've got no clue what's going on? Y'all should let me know and make sure that you take lots of pictures and send them to me! ;) 

This past week was really really good. We've taught a lot of people, had some great memories and spiritual lessons with our investigators and the Lumacad Couple had their baptismal interview yesterday and they passed with flying colors so we will totally be baptizing them this upcoming Saturday!!! ;) Who's excited??? I'm super excited! I've been waiting a long time to baptize a couple again. The last time I did that was in San Carlos, so I'm glad that I get to do that again! ;) They're a super cool couple, I wish and hope you meet them someday. They really want to go to the temple! Which is cool. They're super determined to go to the temple. So we're going to help them get to the temple. They have 3 kids, I'll send you some pictures. Their sons are super super super spastic. I could only imagine what I was as a kid because of what I am now. haha. But I don't know, you've never said that I was a problem to raise or anything. So I don' t know. These kids just do not sit still or anything while we're teaching or anything. Even at church they're a hassle, but they're just kids, so what are we going to do. This past week we showed them how to have a family home evening. I'll send you some pictures because it was super super super fun! Brother and Sister were laughing so hard during the games and the kids in the next lesson were like, let's just skip the lesson and go to the games, but it was FHE. haha. It was just super fun bonding moment for us and them. I was super happy. 

So here's a cool story: 2 or 3 weeks ago we had a company from BYU come here and do weights and heights for kids between ages 6mo-5yrs old. This was for nutrition purposes and if they qualified for some free help from this humanitarian group. Anyway, 2 weeks ago while there were tons of people at the church, Elder Espiritu talked with a women and then just got her address and asked if we could come and visit her. So we went once like a week ago and she was asleep and so we were just going to come back later. Then, we didn't forget, but didn't really focus on her or anything. But on Thursday we go back about 4pm and she was there. She has 2 kids. We asked if we could share a message with her about Jesus Christ and she said, "Of Course!" So we shared with her and her 2 kids that were there. Then, there was a niece that lives with her that was in the back and we invited her to sit in the lesson as well. While we were teaching all of them, the dad comes home from work for a second, and so we got to teach the WHOLE Family. I don't know if I've ever told you, but that's super hard to do. Catch the mom, dad, and all the kids at ONE time. Super rough to do and sometimes, impossible with the hours given and the schedules. But somehow we were blessed to teach them all. We only shared about the basics of our message and why the gospel is important to us and how it can help our families. They seemed super interested. So we asked if we could have a return appointment and we would come back on Saturday night. Saturday night comes and we go back and everyone is there, but the dad, but there was a new addition. Another niece! So we picked up a new investigator niece of hers. The second lesson was about prophets, Jesus Christ building his church, and the Apostasy. We stopped there because we felt that attention was perfect and we thought we'd leave them with a cliffhanger to the return lesson on how the church was restored. We then just invited them to come to church "if they had time". We just left it at that. We didn't teach about Joesph Smith or the true church being restored yet or anything like that, so we thought they'd just be like yeah, church, okay, whatever. Anyway... BIG faith builder... with 10 minutes left to go at Sacrament Meeting, these 4 people show up outside and Elder and I are like, who's that? Then we looked closer and it's this family! hahaha! Without the dad though, he was working, but all the others came! We were super surprised, like overly surprised. That's never happened to me before! The same week we find someone they go to church. I guess the spirit was really that strong. She has some connections with the church too, her Sister is a former investigator of the Sister Missionaries. Her and her husband are Born Again Christian, but I guess not that active since they came to church right away. So this week, we're really looking forward to teaching them and seeing what happens. This would be a miracle and such a wonderful family to have. The mom is super smart. Like way smart! Not just the faith type person, but she believes in works, something that most people here don't believe in here. So it was just a great faith builder. 

All our other investigators that usually come to church weren't there. All the Kids that we teach all had something going on, work, no money to pay for the tricycle, things like that. We still had 7 investigators at church though. Our Gospel Principles Class is always full of people. The Sisters have some really good investigators too in our Ward. The class is way full and sometimes it gets out of hand with debating doctrine and things, good thing our teacher is good at calming it down and half the time their questions are super pointless, so we just answer them really easily and move on with the rest of the class. 

This week I've moved onto my 14th planner and there's 16 planners in all! It's crazy! I just know that we will be blessed in the coming weeks with our work and with baptisms and things. It's getting me super super excited and I'm a very happy missionary right now. Everything is going great. All is well! ;) I've been setting some goals and things this week about my future and what I want to do, career, school, and other things like that. I wrote them all down last night. I've just been thinking about them, so I decided to write them down last night so that I don't forget. 
Making Chicken Adobo---favorite Filipino dish

I know this Church is true. It's nice to hear from you back home about how things are going! It's always nice to hear from back home ;) I've been getting emails from Joe and Ryan and they're doing good it sounds like so I'm super glad that all is well with them! If you could send me Jared Ross' email and Windley's email, I would love to talk to them and see how they're doing. I love you guys back home! Keep being good and reading your scriptures and praying ;) Halong!

Elder Ellis
My District

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