Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 14th--Mambini Branch, Escalante Zone

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been interesting I guess you could say. Not really much happened. Elder Edem has been sick. No miracles really took place and it's been sort of a down week. It always seem whenever that we have an amazing and a great week, the week following just sucks so bad. Why can't they all be good weeks? I think it's just the Lord making sure that we're humble, but that's just my positive thinking I think. I guess we'll see how the following week goes. 
Dad's pose
Monday was just P day. After email we ate lunch and all these kids kept comping up and asking me for money. We're not allowed to give them any type of money because we live the law of consecration as a missionary. So it's not allowed. Then we went and bought some things at the market or the grocery store, which we didn't really have that much money, so it wasn't that much haha. Then we played basketball like usual. I played for like 3 hours straight and didn't even get tired. It was nice to exercises. It's nice to let off steam every once and awhile you know? Basketball has always been able to do that for me. Even though last week was a good week, I really need a release sometimes. Then that night we washed our clothes and cleaned the house and prepared our stuff for the rest of the week. 

District Meeting
Tuesday we had our district meeting and after it we went to the Ondoy's house. They invited us over for lunch. Well, they told us for Mango's, but when we got there, they had prepared lunch for us. So we ate a pretty good and decent lunch. Then we worked right after and went to Sta. Ana. We first went to the Diana Family. This was the last time that we'd see brother because he's going to Cebu on Wednesday for work. Needless to say, he did go and continued his journey on to Cebu. So now he's there. He will come back and I probably won't be here. I will miss him, but it was a good lesson. We taught about The Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is just the missionary purpose, of Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost and Endure to the End. After we took pictures and said our goodbyes to brother Donny. Gave him an extra Book of Mormon to take with him, actually he requested one, but we were going to give it to him anyway. After that lesson we went to Sister Mercedita Ayo, who did come to church last week. She's been good for 3 weeks now. If she comes next week, she'll be rescued. We taught her and her niece about the Restoration. Anyway, the niece was a potential investigator, however, now she's in Escalante working as what we call it a maid. Other than that nobody else was home and nobody really wanted to entertain us. We went to Rodolfo Ayo, but he wasn't home either, nobody was. Like I said, not a good week this week. 
Approaching storm
Wednesday I had to take my two pairs of black pants to the tailor. Being the idiot that I am and thought I could climb a mango tree, I did. And... ripped my pants right in the center where... yeah you get the picture. Then the other pair of black pants the hem was coming undone. So I took them to the tailor on Wednesday morning. It was cheap to fix, don't stress. Then we had planned to go visit Bro Despojo in Paitain and the Desuyo family. However, we were going to visit some less actives that live a little farther away first. Anyway, none of the less actives were home or they had no time for us. So we just worked and yeah... nobody wants to listen. Anyway, so then we rode a motorcycle up to Paitain to visit Brother Despojo. He was working and selling these like fish things, it's really hard to describe because it's not in America. Anyway, they're pretty good, if you have a good sauce with it. It doesn't taste like fish. However, he was too busy to talk and so we taught the daughter Recelle Kaye again, just like last week. I'm not sure what's going on with the Despojo, Recelle Kaye was the only one of them at church this week again. I don't think any of the members visit them because it's sooooo far away. So we're going to work on that in Branch Council. We taught Recelle Kaye about the Book of Mormon and showed her a map of the world and where the Book of Mormon came from. The whole North and South America is huge... It's funny to say, yeah it came from the America's. Which is gigantic. Then explain how the land broke and yeah... haha. We don't really do that, we just say, yeah it comes from America. Then we went to the Desuyo family. Brother Desuyo was there. We found out that if he wants to be baptized that President Lopez is going to have to interview him. His wife was previously married, so they can't get married, since they're no divorce. However, I'm not going to set up an interview until he comes to church. Which he wasn't at church this week either, so that will still take some working on. We taught them about the Word of Wisdom. 3 of them are members, anyway, they ALL drink Coffee. So way to go! So we addressed that, but I'm pretty sure they don't care. Still drink it anyway. Then it started rain and this started the sickness of Elder Edem. He didn't bring his umbrella, so he used a big banana leaf. It still works, but just not the same. Anyway, the night of the storm, he got sick right away. Not really sure why, but that's what happened. 
Leading the caribou to its food
Thursday like I said, Elder Edem was sick. He had a fever and it's like the same thing that I had a few weeks ago. It was bad. He didn't leave his bed all day. So I cleaned the house again, did my laundry and studied all day long! YEAH!!! I'm not going to lie after studying for a few hours, eating lunch by myself, and then cleaning, I was pretty tired, so I took a nap. I don't know why I was so tired, just missionary work I guess. Anyway, that's what I did all day. Thursday night he said he was feeling better though, but it was too late to do anything. 
Friday he woke up and was still sick. So all morning he still laid in bed while I studied Preach My Gospel and tired to see what these people in this place need. It was good and I learned some things, but I couldn't really find things for these families, still working on that. Then we did our weekly planning when he was feeling a little bit better. Then we went to work in the last afternoon. We actually waited 2 hours for a bus. Not sure what happened to the buses. Anyway, when it finally came we taught the Garcia family about the Plan of Salvation. One of their sons told a girl in the branch the only way he's going to be active again is if she accepts him as her boyfriend. How stupid and what a joke. He doesn't know that we know that though. He was at church last week and that was the first time in a long time, but he wasn't there this Sunday. The rest of the family wasn't at church either expect for one son, Badong, he's the returned less active that I told you about. Then we taught Sister Dumdum, she's been at church the past 2 weeks, but not this week, dang. We taught her and her son about the Holy Ghost. Her son is preparing to serve a mission. He's actually way bansai at the piano. Bansai, means like... good or skilled. We taught them about the Holy Ghost and why it's important and why we need it in our life. Then we had our weekly dinner appointment at the branch president's house. It was good good good. I love Adobo nga Manok. Chicken! We shared with them why God gives us trials, I think I learned more teaching it than what they got out of it. 
Diana family