Monday, February 4, 2013

Cadiz Zone Training

Dear Family,

Hello! How is everyone doing this week? I hope good! It's good to hear from you in your emails to me. Thanks for emailing me :) It's always good to look at my inbox and have things to read. Also, Dad, I can't download video's. So I have no idea what you send me. Something titled Snow.So yeah, I couldn't watch it. So my week has been pretty good and fun. I got 2 Dear Elder's from mom, but they were things that I already knew. Also one from Courtney. I haven't gotten the package from Mom yet that she keeps talking about. Maybe soon? I have no idea. The mail, is so weird. So yeah, that's pretty much that. Right now we're looking for a new house because we currently live out of our area, we live in ward one area, so we need to move. I found a new one when I was on exchanges this week with Elder Delos Santos (Elder Garner's Companion), so hopefully we'll move into it this week or next week. It's a good house. The screens are a lot nicer so no bugs will get in our house hopefully. This week I think I killed about 5 cockroaches. So nasty those little guys. Ant's are everywhere, not even kidding. I study and they're just all of my desk. I don't even have food on my desk, but they're still there. So crazy. Our Investigator, Ryan, is going to be baptized this week! On Saturday at 10am! What a great decision he's making to better his life. What an amazing thing that we get to do, to bring the gospel to all the people here that don't know that amazing blessings that come from it. So this Saturday is going to be a great day. My first baptism. Ryan's Uncle is a convert and has been recently endowed, I'm not sure if I already told you that. So he has a pretty good support system too. So I'm really happy. Here's my week:

Monday is was Ping Quiamco's birthday so we had a family home evening at their house, well we were supposed to. Anyway, she was home late from school. She's in college and travels to Bacolod for school, so she gets home late. So birthday girl was late and we didn't have time for a full family home evening, so we just shared a scripture. It was good. I actually just taught about 1st Nephi and how there are so many things that we learn just from that one chapter. I honestly know that the Lord purposefully lost the 116 pages of the Book of Mormon because 1st Nephi needed to come first in the Book of Mormon. We learn so much just in that one chapter. About Prophets, visions, scriptures, families, the Lord talks to his children, prayer. Just so many awesome things, in one little chapter.

 Demander family FHE from prior week

Elders Pineda, Doverte, 2 week elder, and Ellis

I had exchanged with Elder Delos Santos. He came to my area and Elder Doverte went and worked with Elder Garner in their area, since Elder Doverte is the district leader. Let's just say Tuesday was the most sad day of my mission so far. We had all the appointments and things, ALL of them fell through, but 2. Our 1st appointment and our last appointment. So Elder Delos Santos and I walked around Canetown for almost 6 hours trying to teach people, but nobody was "HOME" or just busy. Or there was no male 18+ there and in that case we're not allowed to enter. Then we had a dinner appointment at Joy's house. Fish:) So fish here is actually good. I had some really good tilapia at the Quiamco's house last week.
Elder's Ellis & Santos

Okay, so we have this Less Active family. Well the wife is less active, the father is active and the kids are all married and gone or live really nearby. I think I might have told you about them, but, it's always fun to teach them because it gets really heated. They don't believe that Joseph Smith saw God, only Jesus. So... Yeah. Elder Doverte ALWAYS brings up Joseph Smith on purpose. Even if the lesson is like, commandments, somehow he always will bring up Joseph Smith and it's always super fun to teach them! It's pretty much just a principle of faith, and a lack of it at that. They keep saying that there are always witnesses to everything. There's witnesses to the Book of Mormon, Christ, everything, except the first vision. But hey, we just told them to pray! And God will answer their prayer if they are praying with a sincere heart!

Elder Doverte & Ellis

We had Zone Training with President Lopez. It was super fun and I learned a lot of good things from him in our training. He's always good to be around and learn new things from. He's a great President and he truly knows what we need. He told us that all Books except Preach My Gospel and the Scriptures are prohibited, and then I asked even the missionary library? He said, Yes, until you have Mastered Preach my Gospel. Obviously I haven't mastered it yet, so I've stopped reading Jesus the Christ. It was a good 60 pages that I read though... haha. So yeah, that will be a good book to read after my mission. So now all my extra time (like maybe 30 min at night) is spent studying Preach my Gospel and I've been learning a lot more things.

Cadiz Zone 1 & 2


Elders Ellis & Garner
Friday we taught a lot of people, but that's not what I want to talk about. So we were in North Bacayan, just a little town kinda thing, I don't know how to explain it to you. Anyway, we were walking and we found a less active member that has moved there. So we contacted him and asked if we could share with him. He said he was busy. Anyway, right after that this man walks up to us. He says, "I haven't been to church in 20 years. I'm a Mormon" Wow. We were like, "Um... okay, where's your house, let's go talk!" So we taught him and things. He's really really poor, his house is about as big as half of dad's office downstairs. He and his son live there, but his son recently left because they had a fight. I don't know the whole story because he didn't tell us, but it's good to know where he lives now so that we can go back. We've tried to find him before, but nobody knew where he lived and it seems that he's moved. So that was really good to meet him.

We walked and walked and walked, cane field, after cane field, after cane field. However, still taught a lot of people. So that was way good. We found a couple short cuts through some cane fields that we've never found before, so it was good to finally find those because then we can save a lot of time. The recently harvested those cane fields that's how we found them, but before we couldn't see because of all the cane. We taught a less active that lives so far away, but on the way there, there was a man planting rice in a rice field. I had to pee, so while I was peeing on the other side of the road, Elder Doverte talked with this man. Anyway, turns out he was Jehovah's witness and that was just so much fun. I've never really talked to one before. All I knew that that the have the WatchTower and only a certain number of people go to heaven sort of thing. Anyway, he gave us a brochure on what they believe, sweet huh? Now I know. So I've been studying about how we can help him. He's not baptized into their church yet, only investigating. So we're going to bring him to the right church and teach him the true doctrine. :) Right? Right!

Ryan had his baptismal interview and passed! :) Boom! So I already told you about that above. Church was good. We have a lot of people there. There was also a baby blessing. So church was good. We also taught a couple other people that aren't really progressing, but we're hoping and praying that they start to have the desire to keep commitments and learn the truth for themselves.

Thanks for everything y'all do back home for me. Also, I hope Courtney's sisters wedding goes well. I don't know when it is, only that it's this month. So hope that is fun for their family and my best of luck and congratulations to Lauren and Tyler! Tyler I miss you... haha. Thanks for praying for me all the time everyone! It's great to know that I've got an army back home that is supporting me. Keep up the good work. I'll try and send some pictures in a second. Love y'all!

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